Azusa v1.0.9 Civilian Remade, New Items, Trial Systems and more!

This version was designed based off the urgent flaws seen in the previous English Test we had a few months ago, with the version 1.0.7-8; So to understand the reasoning of those changes and new systems, I will have to explain what exactly was noticed as the biggest flaws of that test. Azusa 1.0.9 is also going to be tested in a Brasilian Test, starting off day 12-13/11 and will least around 2 weeks. Even while the latest update allowed the game story to flow into alot of diffrent directions and increased the roleplayability -alot- giving a few players some really exciting Azusa experience, it also revealed one of the oldest and main problems in Azusa RP. I been struggling against this problem since forever, and, this final version is a great way to solve it. This problem is: Azusa relies alot in Admins and Ranked players to the RP to happen, anything Big you want to make with your character kinds of depends on the interaction with those players; once admins or ranked players started to afk or play less, the wipe ended up dieing. Also the way events and trials were made in the last test, even while being very dynamic, ended up with what we call “Admin Bias” and some players were always left behind while alot of events happened around a groupie of other players, and, well, also made all the players to depend on admins to see these events happening so the story could flow; again resulting in the problem of inactivity of a single player killing the whole wipe. Another big problem Azusa always had, was how the economy and services made by civils ended up left behind, also how the food system was more like a bother, rarelly properly explored and boring. The civilian system is one of the oldest systems of the games and never had a review; resulted in a very simple comerce even while its idea isn’t bad. The early gameplay of Azusa was constantly “jumped” as players quickly reached the lategame and, quickly getting bored; So those were also reviewed to make sure the player would explore and experience everything Azusa trully has to offer. Of course alot of other bugs were fount and fixed, mainly some big and important bugs related to map and mob savings (wich resulted in constant crashes and the need of wiping those savefiles). And some other smaller bugs; Wellp, with all those problems spoted and explained… Lets go to the update log!Early changes (1.0.8-9)
*draining someone’s poisonous blood can poison you *Improved the game’s dices, so players can roll D6 D20 and D100; *RPMs have a group of new verbs to aid them to head events directly; *Flash Dash is now a general skill (lvl 30); *Changed skill for speed; A back jump that before jumping back they punch the enemy in front of them. (good for kiting); *Can Re-Open Event Window in the windows submenu. *Phobia review, its skill is easier to hit. *Demons, Bats, and Wolves now drops leather, to make it possible to obtain leather in hell, and boost the forest gains. *Changed the resource gathering system, old one improved the gains for late gamers, this one is stable for both, but a tool helps to increase the gains + civil traits. *Review at turning, CTRL + Direction to turn, there was a bug that turning spent AP, also fixed, now it spends 1 MP. *Dolorem Rain nows remove the user burn. *Disabled gods contacts during battles, to avoid bugs. *Now its possible to change gods through 20 RPP (only usable once)
*Fixed syncrony list erasing at relogs; *Fixed bone breaker, if breaking a bone of a NPC could freeze you. *Fixed icon displacement for Athena/Hades gods relic. *Removed Athena’s portal verb. (outdated as fuck) *Fixed Aries and Pax permanent barriers, they were disappearing in a wrong timer. *Fixed a bug where doors were destroyable in a house causing it to bug. *Fixed a bug where you could get lemurian classes without being lemurian. *Removed call NPCs from mobsaves, since they are the heaviest saves ingame. *Fixed a bug related with Iron Axe and Potentials. *Fixed some buildables layerings problems. *Fixed bugs where keys couldnt open houses from inside. *Fixed a bug with Proditio traps not activating. *NPCs after leaving a battle only regens 20% of their health instead of 100%. *NPCs have 2 MP now instead of only 1. *Fixed a bug where backdash spammed multiple hits. *Fixed a bug with Intro song not turning off after loading game.
*To receive Potential (from armors and relics) you need to have learned Sixth Sense.
*Remade the tree respawning system, made it way lighter. *Added a AFK tag system.
New Armors:

Thanks to every Patreons that helped the game during the English Test we managed to finish some new armors:
*Ericius(Hedgehog) armor, Earth Element, can activate a passive skill that mirrors melee damages back to the attacker while active.*Pistris (Shark) armor, a Water leaper that have a 10% extra critical chance at the skill (only skill yet to have fighting style effect) is a great assassin, mainly if you have fully mastered the critical style, making it one of the most lethal damaging armors.*Proditio (Betrayal) armor, a reaper earth armor that can lends invisible trap fields behind them. a sneaky field user with a great escape;*Ursus (Bear) armor, Earth Armor with a bone breaking skill that double hits that push ppl away.
New Training Method

Study is a Local training Method designed mainly for Civilians, this method is now the only way to increase Inteligence without spending RPPs; and also raises Resistance, Stamina and Defence; Once reaching Concentration level 6 as a civil the player is given a roll at Self Learning a Recipe (you will understand those changes ahead). Only Civilians can teach Study, and if its taught to a non civilian, the teacher can select a faculty to teach along with it; (being one of the civilian traits, such as builder, cook etc) if the non civilian reaches concentration level 6 or higher, he will learn the faculty they are studying. This increases alot the roleplay toward civilians letting them not only develop new techniques and learn new recipes but to teach other players, opening roles of professors etc. Study being a local training method only works at interiors.
Azusa Official Opening Song And New Splash Arts

Azusa Opening Song made by Nordex; Guardians of Twilight can be heard on spotify, Have fun checking the great job of Tutz and Thales there
Also follow their instagram: @nordexofficial Keep in mind Tutz been working with Azusa since some previous updates, he also made the game’s entire soundtrack; each song can be heard in a diffrent map!
New Splash Arts

The official splash design for Hades and Zeus is here, another art made by Daniel Bretas
Along with the other arts made as login screen those will be used in advertising materials, videos etc. So, also check out some other amazing works of this great artist and friend at his page!

Civilian Remake
the way Civilians works have been reviewed, inteligence was completelly remade and mainly the food and nutrition system completelly reviewed. the entire gameplay and early game of Azusa have changed with this, and the commerce and interaction between classes and always making sure all of them are important got a huge power up, mainly if you didn’t play the last 2 big updates. Previously the civilian jobs were very important or insanely useless; and, always -always- not fun. So producing something was a painfull and grindish process, and, resulted in people only producing things when they needed it, and or to give them freely to friends because the commerce was complicated and very poorly setted. Keep that in mind to understand the:Machine Systems for Craftings

Now most of the craftings that requires the usage of another object (we are calling them machines) uses this new interface, basically you have to drag and drop the ingredients in the proper slot, know icly the needed Recipe; and, let the machine do the work; You don’t need to keep waiting a machine to finish its job, you can close it and leave the item cooking there, a warning will tell you when it finishes; You can also now leave like 100 ingredients in the machine and let it craft for you multiple times, there are no more that really boring mechanic where we had to manually repeat the process through windows inputs everytime to simply cook 10 roasted meats. Keep in mind its needed the recipe to be able to craft something, knowing oocly the right position to the ingredients wont be enough. Some recipes can only be learned by those who have said civil traits, but, it doesnt mean every recipes needs to! Now non cooks can learn the roasted meat recipes, being able to cook the very basic food to increase their nutrition gains, however there are many other recipes and new foods and items in game that can be explored and used to aid even more in the game play and mainly the commerce; I won’t list here every new item because we have over 40 of them, and they are spread around mob drops, craftables and farmables; There are 3 ways to learn a new recipe, to self learn a recipe you must be a civilian (having the trait wont be enough) a civilian self learns a recipe randomly once they reach the inteligence req. for said recipe and level up; the other way is by having enough inteligence and raising the concentration level of the Study training method by higher then 6. The third method is by reading a recipe book, those books are given to a civilian everytime they self learn a recipe, those books become useless for the civilians once they memorize the slots position allowing them to sell those items; to learn a recipe from a book you need half the amount of inteligence necessary to self learn it.

Now we have fishing in Azusa! with alot of other ingredients and foods and misc items; fishing requires a Net (machine) and one of the many fishing recipes, Fishing is inside the farming trait category. Keep in mind no one can open a machine if you have it opened, so if you close your machine to do something else it means someone else can open it and steal your ingredients. So keep them safe, or, keep your machine opened!

The self crafting also changed and received a interface, now you can see and preview the look and color of a cloth while tailoring and while hair cutting, simply double click the desired cloth to preview it, to craft press close window and the item worn in the display will be created.
Remade Shop Systems

Okay this is a very big and key feature in the games commerce, and one huge and important change to the civil reviews; with a very simple interface its way easier to properly customize a custom NPC to work as a shop for you. But, in the old Azusa the custom NPCs were insanely complicated to navigate with, buying and even setting sellable items was a pain; so to promote and make commerce easy, its all matter of dragging and dropping items from your inventory! To access the data of amount of money in the NPC click on the avaliable money buttom at the top right corner, and to rename the npc, and change its ownership at the owner settings; if youre the owner draging a item to the sell window will make a new Interest (means you want to buy it) and draging to the buy window will make the npc sell said item; and, to remove simply drag and drop. If you are a client simply drag a item to the sell window to sell the item, and drag the item from the buy window to buy it. To obtain a custom NPC is the same way, you can convince Bandits to work for you by paying them; those NPCs now lasts 80 years. But, to make the commerce in Azusa work, reviewing the workability of those NPCs and making alot of new ingredients and items wouldn’t be enough, so I decided to set entirelly the starting commerce of the starting cities; but to don’t kill the sandbox side of those features, its possible to buy an ownership scrolls that lets you be the owner of one of those pre-set npcs! So, yeah have fun in this whole new Azusa early gameplay!
New food, Vigor And Nutrition Systems

We have completelly remade the food system of the game, and added alot of new food and ingredients, I am not listing all of them here, but will explain what actually changed in the gameplay: Fruits: fruits now drops from every tree, and diffrent foods drops depending on each map you are at. Some map drops more fruits then others, and gathering them is a bit rarer then it was before (so we won’t have people with 300 useless apples in their inventory). Meats: Now we have two diffrent types of meat, a small one and a steak, one drop from small mobs such as chickens, pigs etc. while other drops from deers and cows; Those meats have diffrent qualities and can be used diffrently as ingredients aswell.
Nutrition Vigor and Hunger system changed, forget everything you know about eating in Azusa, I will explain here; there are no more one diffrent nutrition status to each diffrent status, theres only one nutrition value, each diffrent food increases nutrition, hunger and vigor in a diffrent portion. You spend nutrition while training, you need to keep your nutrition positive, otherwise you won’t gain status nor cosmo. When your hunger is full, you won’t gain nutrition but you can keep eating and you will gain vigor normally. Your maximum vigor value is the same as your maximum health x2; To guarantee the player will eat properly, if you eat repetitive food you will gain way less Vigor and Nutrient then if you cycle between 4 diffrent foods; You may be asking what the hell is Vigor, calm down I will explain. To make sure food is something important (as it is the fuel of the game’s commerce) a new status was added, and its Vigor, Vigor is there to make sure everyone wants to eat properly, even if they don’t want to train. Basically now, when using R (rest) in a random place, you will spend vigor to regain health. resting without vigor won’t recover your health, meaning you will have to eat something. Don’t be afraid, if you don’t have access to any food at all doesnt mean you won’t be able to regain health, there are other ways: Resting in a bed or a tent regains health without spending vigor, so this also gives you a reason to stay around and RP by cities with a minimum confort, or, build yourself a house or a tent to live in. These changes fixes great part of the left behind early game of azusa, making food important and constantly consumed and easier to craft helps the game commerce to flow, so people won’t be leaving money behind cuz they were useless; plus adventureing alone into the wild means you will want to buy a big suply of food to make sure you don’t get injured without vigor to heal up; Also remember: Being in low health means you have higher chance to break a bone, so yeah! keeping your vigor up in the wild -is- important.

Trial Systems:
Time to talk about my favorite part of this update, no, this can actually be my favorite part in the whole Azusa, yeah and I am including new systems such as Time travels and the procedural maps. Why? Well, its mainly because of how ambitious this system is, and because of the problems it covers. The trial system was designed to fix the constant need for an admin(or ranked player) online to be able to do extra-game things, or reach certain goals your character have, while the game universe gives completelly said RPing freedom, its limited by the sole need of another player to have said fun. But this also ended up giving the game a whole new level of depth and dynamism. Not just taking the dependency out of the admins/ranked shoulders but, actually opened up the universe lore and RP possibility in absurd levels; Well, lets get to explain about it and you will understand/agree with me.What are trials? Trials is a way Azusa players and admins call adventures in its universe since a while, its similar to quests and events but, diffrent, thats why we use said diffrent name; Trials always been a thing in Azusa, basically its a group of events, situations and things your character would have been through to be able to reach something offgame, for example, you can’t get the Hades armor by any mechanical way, unless a group of rps/events been done by you or the other players to get to a point of reviving hades, and in the end is given/judged by an admin. Hades revival is a simple example, but the trials extends to anything in the game’s universe, HOWEVER the dependancy on admins to reach said adventures killed all the fun of it. Even while those offgame things being decided by a group of admins is exactly what gives the game a diffrent level of freedom, I figured out a way to make a system out of it without killing this lore freedom. In other words Trials are quest lines, but diffrent then MMORPGs we are used to, trials aren’t repetitive and actually change the world around; Trials can also be compared to tabletop rpgs campaigns headed by a master. So with that explained, lets talk about the system:How it works By watching how those adventures was headed and how it worked, I ended up noticing that most trials were filled by rules of the game universe, and could be actually pre-defined without killing the dynamism of roleplay. Those kind of trials/adventures/rules can be pre-set by the admins to define reqs. and situations players would have to go through to obtain a certain offgame thing (A item, a skill, rewards, a way to invade something, unlocking a rank, reviving a god, etc. anything) And the fun in going through a trial is actually adventuring/discovering the universe toward it. So, to make it work in a mechanic ways, I used alot of references from tabletop rpgs, and the way events are headed there, also made it in a way admins can easily set new trials points to shape the possible adventures as the players develop their char in completelly diffrent ways, very similar to what a tabletop rp master do. Those points are organized by diffrent mechanics wich I named Trial Triggers, Trial Boxes, and Trial Keys; Keep in mind those are simply names, you will understand how they co-work to be able to head almost any kind of adventure in the game. The trial system also work together with some earlier mechanics such as the proceduralmaps/dungeons and ranks, RP rewards etc.Trial IDs are basically a list of informations that controls what a character knows and seen, during his devlopment and adventures. Trial IDs are used to organize when a player can activate a certain trial point, or discover some secret place, or to basically track their adventure through a trial (keep in mind a trial is a group of events not a single event.)Trial Keys are basically items, but a trialkey can have a group of diffrent mechanic that will interact with the other trial points in diffrent ways; as the trial system raises more and more mechanics will be added to each cathegory, but so far, keep in mind trial keys are simply items that controls what a player know or seen or have. They are the main way to control the players TRIAL IDs; as a trialkey can set a new trial ID in a player, the keys works in those starting mechanics: Letter type: basically a item with a text that can be readed solo or readed to the others nearby, the players will only receive the trialID when the item is readed to them, this is good to share trialids that works as IC knowledge and keep track of it. Map type: basically a item that if a player gets it and look at it, they will learn its ID, and also works as a IC knowledge, a player can show the map to other players and both would know its ID and so on; Key type: these items only gives the player its ID while its being carried, droping a keytype item will remove the trialID from the player, basically works great in trials that requires the players to pocess a certain item. Keep in mind the trialkey appearance doesn’t need to be of a key/map/letter, it can look like anything an admin set it to be, a necklace, a book, a scroll anything.Reward Groups: by being part of a trial, even while you aren’t the responsible to the final of it, you still get rpp rewards for being involved indirectly, for example if you are a simple fisherman telling legends to heroes so they go explore more of the game’s world and story and those heroes ends up saving the world in a bigass trial; you will also get the rewards if you are active. This is to make sure people don’t lock and think that trials are something personal to be done alone, but as a global adventure as a trial should be. (diffrent of quests) So being part at any point of the adventures going on the world can get you alot of rewards.Trial Triggers: this is where most of our magic happens, triggers are areas set by admins that can head events with the settings the admins have setted on it; inside a trial trigger a player will go through alot of things, status tests, dice tests, rp tests, diffrent choices and diffrent results can happen here. Each trigger have its own difficulty, and its mechanic is huge, I am not sure if its worth explaining every detail here; so I will just leave some examples: An admin can set a trigger for example, when a player escapes a dungeon carrying the treasure, in a hall the corridor starts to colapses, damaging them leaving bleeds and breaking bones if they arent fast and lucky enough to dodge, and if they decide to dodge to the left, the result of this adventure can change completelly. Everything in a trigger can be set by an admin, its basically a group of tests and RPs with diffrent consequences; Trial triggers can: Summon custom NPCs, Summon/open Doors, Summon trial boxes, Change trial IDs, remove trial IDs, create visual effects such as storms earthquakes, deal damages and status effects, give options to the player to follow, make status and dices tests; and alot of other stuffs. (More are added as they shown to be needed). Can you see the depth this system can give to the game? Well, if you still don’t understand it. I suggest you to get in the action and, well, you will see. This system kills completelly the previous admins bias, where admins held events only for certain players and where certain players afked all day not rping with anyone untill said admin was online to make events, now its not needed since those rulings are all pre-defined. Also keep in mind a trial trigger usually only happen once, not allowing a player to go back and redo the adventure to see what wouldve happened if they choosen the other path. Some triggers can be set to be repetitive, but, those aren’t the default.Trial Boxes: This is where the magic begins, and ends, trial boxes doesn’t need to look like a box, it can look like anything, even look like a player or a door. When interacted with, a trial box will activate, it will have a group of reqs defined by an admin, can be rpps, gods, trial ids, and alot of other reqs can be set, but, the trial box can do alot of things, it can RP, say, or send alert messages and also activate other inactive boxes or triggers, summon them and even summon rank box, reactivating them, as for example a trial box that allows ppl to take the Hades rank, (to a hades revival ending trial) or a simple bag fount in the forest with a suspicious letter that can end up starting a huge adventure to the involved players; wellp, in the trial box are defined the rewards a group of trial can give, and also can give items to the player and also produce visual effects such as rituals, summon npcs, doors etc.
Conclusions: This is a group of systems that promotes the players to players interactions and motives them to explore the game’s world, universe and story while developing their characters; Without killing the dynamism of a Roleplaying game, as admins can always create and modify diffrent situations to be explored by the adventurers; and making sure the player can really modify the game universe and story while roleplaying.

Trial Trigger Editting Interfaces to make sure an admin can quickly customize and create diffrent situations and events in a fair way, it was needed to organize a few interface and mechanics to let them edit the trial triggers; basically inside a trigger an admin can set, and create groups of actions and organize every possibility a trigger can make; In this first window the admin define the event type, and its number; the number works as markers inside the trigger to know what action to happen next. Make sure to always start with a Intro RP. The freedom and the amount of diffrent adventures an admin can set with this is huge!

The second window is where the admin customize what each action will do, for example in this screenshot the admin can customize the alert action, wich basically gives the player a question and 3 choices; the editing window is divided in 2 areas, one for texts and other for textings, keep in mind every action calls another one; untill reaching a finishing point, N.act Do RP will call the Do RP action of number 4, while the second option will call the Do RP of number 12, wich are organized in the previous screen. Editing those events are pretty intuitive and makes the ruling of events way fairer for players as they are pre-set before, making admin bias almost impossible.
TLDR: *Alot of bug fixes *Review Civilian systems
*Reviewed earlygame so players afk less and act more. *Group of changes to revive IC commerce. *Trial Systems to organize events and increase the amount of possible adventures ingame.
The brazilian test may start anytime! so keep your eyes at our discord channels: