Azusa's battle system was made to keep a balance between Roleplay; Action and Tactics; You are probably very confused on its mechanics as a new player, but everything will be explained here and you will understand why Azusa's battle system is like it is, and why it is so fitting to the game design, and why it is unique.


When a battle starts (By simply attacking or being attacked by something) the Battle interface will appear in your window; knowing and using its information will be crucial for great tactics and roleplay later on;
Skill Effect Button is a simple visual effect to keep the feels of classic animes in tense roleplay situations, use this to give a better hype for a certain action you are going to roleplay/do; When you use it the background around you will be turned into a space animation;
Battle Song button will start your Battle song, if the song playing at the moment is the enemy's and you are doing an epic action worth a song change; like in classic animes, use this to play yours to share the epic feels that fits your actions!;
Volume Bar will control the battle song's volume;

Active Turn displays who’s gets to go next, it can be also shown by the Health Bar over your character, transparent health bars are waiting, visible health bar means it is that person's turn;
Action Points show you how many actions you have in this turn, Usually you get one action per turn, but depending on what happen in the battle you can get extra Actions letting you attack twice; keep in mind skills and attacks count as an action, also keep in mind that if you lose or waste a turn, you won't get extra AP!
Movement Points show you how many times you can move this turn, usually you get two per turn, but depending on what happens in the battle you can get extra or lower Movements, limiting your mobility; When you are out of movements your turn will end. Position yourself strategically to make your enemy run out of movement points to get advantage in combat, forcing him to waste APs.

Skip Turn button will skip your turn, keep in mind you can save up MP up to 6, but you can't save AP, use this strategically or depending on the roleplay situations!

Run Away button will start the run mode, during the Run away mode you won't gain AP, but you will gain extra Movement points each turn; to end the battle and succeed on running you need to keep a distance from every other creatures involved; When you press your run mode, you will waste a turn, so start running only when you position yourself enough to escape. If every combatant enters run away mode, the battle ends.

Tactic Battles:

Azusa's Battle system was designed to be a tactical and action system; battles can be really fast, and at the same time give you time to think, strategize and of course Roleplay; But first let’s get deep into the tactic possibilities:
Now that you know the basic interface and controls, keep in mind every armors and every skills in game was designed to allow different strategies and advantages for your character; You can read more at the Armor Guides and Elite Armor Guides as every armor have its own fighting mechanic that, if used best can give you a victory;

Strategy can easily overplay Damage! Like in the classic anime that inspired Azusa, the way a skill is used will give you huge advantages depending on who you are fighting against; so the best you know on how your enemy fights, better will be your strategies and you will probably win the battle.
Position yourself and never miss an Action! Always keep track of your position and your enemy's this way you will be able to avoid being hit by his strongest attacks and will even make him waste action points! Giving you huge advantages in the battle; If you make him miss actions again and again, no matter how strong your enemy is, you will win!


Now that you have positioning and skills tactics in mind, it is time to explain in further detail Azusa's battle mechanics, and to do that you must understand the Fighting Styles and Fighting Bonus. These are commonly ignored by bad players, and knowing how to use these will give you a huge advantage in the battlefield, allowing you to beat way stronger players.

Keep in mind one player can only train in one fighting style, and the fighting styles only count in melee combat.
To learn and train a fighting style you need to roleplay and learn from a master, train with the master and you can raise your fighting style up to 40%; You can see your fighting styles at the character window. Also take note that the 3 styles states for fighting mechanics, roleplay wise you can create any kind of stance/state you want!

Combo Style when triggered will grant you an extra action, every time you punch calls another chance to combo, letting you punch multiple times. Its greatly recommended to fast and balanced close combat players, as you will have a better combat control and will have a good balance between close combats and skills usage, it is great for tactics where you get extra APs such as armors like Fox, Spider, Snake, Owl etc;
Critical Style when triggered will multiply your damage from 2-4x; its greatly recommended to damage glass cannons close combat players, also great for armors that deal real damage or battle effects in close combat. Such as Burn, Freeze, Poison etc.
Counter Style triggers when you are being attacked, if triggered it will null the foe's damage and end his turn, giving you a huge advantage in the combat, it’s greatly recommended to distance or skills combat players, as you can get advantages from foes that goes against you with close combat; Counter is also greatly used by defensive and tank players as it will help a lot in their roles;


Every Fighting Style works better or worse depending on who you are fighting against, not just the basic combo > critical > counter > combo thing; because it will change completely depending on the armor you are using and the armor they are using against you; not to mention the mechanics of the elemental combination your enemy will be using.

Now that you know about the Styles, it is time to develop some tactics and strategies to get the better use of the Fighting Bonus, depending on your positioning and characters intelligence and many other situations you can get bonuses in the fight, allowing you to increase your chances to trigger a combat style! So trick your enemy not to simply miss a turn and lose AP, nor to simply get the best usage of your armors mechanic. Get combat advantages depending on how you are fighting!

Back Stab Bonus happens when you attack your enemy from behind, it will grants you extra 10% critical rate and 8% combo rate! If your enemy has a weak spot, attacking him from behind will get you another extra 15% combo and 15% critical! So depending on who you are fighting against, positioning properly can decide the result of a battle!;
Weak Spot Bonus is given to the players with the weak spot perk, when you have this perk you will always have extra 10% combo, critical AND counter bonus during the combats, however if you are punched by a backstab attack, the advantage will be used against you. So if you have a weak spot, make sure to keep it a secret, and use tactics to avoid being attacked from behind!

Intelligence Bonus happens when your character have an intelligence 2x higher than your enemy’s, and it will give you extra 20% counter chance! Being a smart strategist ICly also helps a lot in combat;

Roleplay Battles:

Azusa is completely designed to make the best roleplaying enviroment possible for their players, and to let you explore your imagination and have every freedom needed to develop your character and let its story flow to be as epic as it can be; With that in mind, the battle system also helps a lot to give you an immersive and epic experience similar to the ones of your favorite animes; I am talking about the freedom to describe a flashback situation of your character's and your enemy’s rivality since they were kid before throwing your final and most powerful attack at him; (example) and have all the time needed to type that kind of roleplay in middle of the battle, whenever you see fit;

The turn based battle system will organize every player’s action and response in a very fair way, letting you position yourself and save the best movement for the right time; and like stated before show effects to make the experience memorable as possible;


In a roleplay battle you can keep in mind that the Turn won't end while you are typing a Roleplay, letting you stop the verb fast action fight to do that description filled with emotion like the animes, unlike other roleplay games you don't have cooldown or whatever, as the battle system fairly already distribute the actions between the players and ALWAYS force everyone to wait someone to finish typing their Roleplay.

Once the Roleplay is posted, the timer will continue and you will be given the chance to use your actions or move as you described; This way you have the best experience possible in a Roleplay Battle! Make sure to read the battle rules of the server you are playing, as they vary depending on the head admins decisions;

Fast Action Battles And Conclusion:

Azusa Battle system doesn't limit the speed and dynamism of action battles, the game can still let you experience very fast dragon ball like combats if you are strong and fast enough; the only thing that limits how fast you can fight is your character’s status, being able to quickly trick your enemy in a fast battle can also result in a very dynamic action combat game; Once you know everything about Azusa's Battle system you will understand that it doesn't limit your freedom during combats, it simply organizes it; in a quick and efficient way!

Keep in mind you can always use the arsenal of yours skills in the combat anytime you want to get the best advantages in the field, and always have freedom to watch and jump in someone's fight whenever it’s needed! The game leaves the battle under the player’s control; just keep in mind running away from a combat situation isn't as simple as smashing a key; You will need to think and trick your foe as if it was a real situation!

Now that you went through the basic combat guide, it is important for you to always keep in mind the skills you are going to use, mainly the Elemental Combinations skills that will help you a lot in the combat control! With that in mind you are ready to get some real battle experience and use everything you learned here to overpower your enemy’s! Don't forget, Azusa is about Tactic, Roleplay and Action!

© 2016 by Azusa RP.

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