Classes and Races

These are important decisions you take while creating your character, so this guide will explain with details every races and classes in Azusa;

Some races are rare, and unlocks rarelly depending on your luck, and when you are going through a
Next Generation you will have a reroll in unlocking a new race.


Azusa Subscribers always have the rare races unlocked, and we will first talk about them:



Each Race have their own unique traits, and some races can pick between unique classes so, this guide will help you to decide and know the right directions while playing a certain race;
To learn most race related skills, do it through the
learn command inside the skills buttom. Some skills will be unlocked after learning a certain skill or class trait!


Humans are the main race of the game, the whole great war is all about humans, and they are the most common race;
They are weak by average, created by Zeus under the image of what he was in the past, and with this got the favoritism of the
almighty creator;
Even being powerless Humans are the race with best potential and freedom, this freedom are oftenly used by the other Gods; 

Humans being the mortals with shorter lifespan is actually an advantage since they commonly go through a higher amount of Generations; and in long run ends up way stronger then any other race.

Humans were claimed to be the ony ones worthy the Guardian tittle by Zeus, and since then they have been fighting to protect earth using the legendary olympian armors.

Humans can pick between the Civilian, Fighter and Master classes


Angels are the oldest race in Azusa's universe; and have a very long lore; However mechanic wise, Angels are lack the same freedom as humans and the mortal races, as they are mostly chaotic good creatures under Zeus' commands;
Angels also are one of the few races in the
spiritual realm; basically they do not have a physical body and with that they can't be seen by a normal mortal, and can't directly interact with them with their spiritual form; However being spiritual creatures they are oftenly seen as perfect beings, as they are mostly made of raw power; This grants them 30 natural potential making them by average as strong as a Golden Guardian; 

They carry not simply powers but alot of knowledge and skills; being extremelly organized beings Angels main objective is to lead humans, watch and protect them through the spiritual worlds; to do that they usually use the many skills they can learn during their Immortal lifetime; An angel can talk inside a human's head, using the Contact skill. When being contacted the human will hear a Voice in their Head that can be interpretated as their own thoughts, or even the words of Gods; This way Angels can lead them and guide them through the right way.
However keep in mind Demons will be doing the same thing, and thats where the battle in the spiritual realms happens; they will always attack eachother in sight to have better control over the humans minds; and with that grant more God Power to their gods;

Commonly Angels feel huge interest, attraction or friendship to mortals while doing their duty, with that generating favoritism to certain human, and with that having huge interest in participate on the wars themselves, with that risking their immortal lifes by protecting the ones they care; Thats why the Almighty Zeus granted them the ability to have Vessels, they are a human mortal body for an Angel to live in; and with that they can live a normal human life; a Vessel link leasts 80 years, and its taken 150 years since the previous vessel birth for another one to be born; 

However some Angels and Humans interaction wasnt healthy and with that Zeus created the Vessel Jinxes forcing Angels to keep secret of their true name, as an angel while using their vessel bodies; Zeus choosen to jinx the angels names because his true name was unknown, with that he was the only one able to directly interact with the humans with the codename "Zeus"; and with that continued being worshiped as a God; The Vessel Jinxes are the reason for Gods to use codenames and keep their first Angel name a secret;
If a mortal says the Angel's true name to his vessel, the Vessel Link breaks.

With that interaction in mind, Some Angels have even sacrificed their wing and vessel to save a human, these situations are called Angel's Ultimate; exploding their true spiritual power while using their vessel they have a temporary Potential boost enough to fight the strongest enemies. This happens when an Angel reveal their wing while inside the vessel, keep in mind this will waste your Angel's immortal life, its hightly advised for an Angel to never do this.

Strong Angels also master the technique of Spiritual Teletransport, allowing them to travel between realms; from Olympo and Earth; and being made of pure powers they can learn on their own how to cast holy blasts.

Angels can pick between the Civilian, Fighter and Master classes


Demons started appearing when everything went wrong; when the first Humans ate the forbidden fruit re-creating the death concept; Angels that were once immortal begun to die wich enraged even more the first Seraphin; and when he rebealed against Zeus, and named himself Hades, the fallen angels were easily corrupted and with that generating a similar and evil race, their cosmo got completelly corrupted by Hades and their lack of freedom were now completelly aimed toward Hades goals; to destroy Zeus and the humanity.
Demons corruption were so absolute that they lost completelly the memory of once being angels and made it even easier for Hades to rule over them; working together with an aligned chaotic evil behavior since then, they have been a strong pair against the forces of Zeus and the Olympo in the great wars.
They are very similar to Angels, spiritual creatures with a huge amount of powers starting with 30 potential, they can use the ability to contact a human mind, and to perform spiritual teleport through Underworld and Earth; They are responsible for misleading humans into doing all kind of evil actions by talking in their head, their voice is heard as a simple voice in the person's head that can be easily misunderstood as their own thoughts or ideas of a God himself; And with doing that they are very important in the army of underworld, by misleading strong guardians into killing eachother, making the undead army even stronger. This results in the spiritual war that happens in the spiritual realm as Angels and Demons compete for the influence of certain humans.

Demons also inherited the ability to use a Vessel body, and walk on earth inside a human body, and are also under the Vessel Jinxes, being forced to hide their true identity while invessel, if the vessel jinx happens, the vessel links ends;
Vessel links leasts 80 years and can be re-created after 150 years counting from the last vessel birth.

Demons can also use a transform ability, its very usefull to cause harm to weak humans, since it will send the demon to the physical realm without the need to use a vessel; and with this keep a monstruous body and keep 3 potential. Its more then enough to fight an average human since they start with just 1 potential. Demon form is usefull to hide their own identity as all demons look the same in this form.

Demons are commonly also given the duty to torture dead souls and force them into suffering enough to want to become a Reaper, once a human become a Reaper, they will lose completelly their good side and will become an evil being under the ruling of Hades, similar to what Demons are.

Reapers are the strongest soldiers in Hades army, leaded by the Princes of underworld they constantly put earth in danger.

Demons can pick between the Civilian, Fighter and Master classes.


Kappa were created by Poseidon long time ago to be the perfect form of life, based off the oceanic creatures destined to be the "New humans" that will once rule the deep oceans; Even being the most complete race, designed to live and rule the oceans and earths, they lack something Zeus only recognize on humans; "The true understanding of cosmos" is something deep in Azusa's role wich only Zeus himself understands completelly; and according to Zeus, Kappa lack the chances of reaching that as the Angels;
Stronger Skins, Sharp
Teeths able to leech blood, Resistent to heavy pressures, and since they were created based off humans they are very similar, with a similar brain they also are affected by Spiritual Contacts and are physical powerfull creatures, favorite picks for Poseidon for his army.

Their skin and power allows them to develop a technique to create whirl tunnels to walk through oceans, and their lifespan is longer then the humans, a Kappa can live up to 150 years.

Kappa also carry the same freedom of Humans and the other mortal races, however they rarelly do follow other god beside Poseidon and the Queen of oceans; they are very loyal creatures. Some says that loyalty is the source of Zeus' envy toward Poseidon.


Kappa can pick between Fighter, Civil and Master classes.



Lemurians also known as Muvians, started as a family of very wise humans that gifted by the gods learned to reproduce a version of the Cosmo Forge technique used by the Gods; the same technique they used to create the Guardian Armors; the Lemurian family received the duty of repairing the broken armors, but lately they became the responsible for most of the Relics fount on earth; As the ages passed they became a distant of the humans turning officialy into a diffrent race nearing the period of Athena's first awakening;
They carry alot of similarity to the human beings, however due to their wisdom their mastery to cosmo is bigger then human's and discover the basics of their cosmo way faster; the only physical diffrence is two dots in their foreheard; wich allow them to abuse their telecinetic powers.

They commonly live in the hidden continent of Lemuria, rarely a few Lemurians engange in the great wars, being key characters in the wars repairing Armors, Relics and with their rare telecinetic powers.

Lemurian can pick between Telekinetic, Cosmo Forger and Master classes.


Classes organize and separate functions between characters of the same race, these functions are meant to generate player-to-players interactions as one class will always need the other to explore and grow in the game;
Keep in mind no class is self-suficient, use this to make in character (and even out of character) friends in game; But not just that, knowing your class skills are usefull to others, you can always use this as profession and to get money!
To learn your class traits, you do it through the Spend RPPoints in the RP section, and then select to
spend Skill Points; You can gain and collect Skill Points through leveling up your character and doing Quests, you can also get them through spending Roleplay Points.

These guides will help you understand each of your classes traits and skills and how to use them to get money from other players.


Even while every other classes can fight, Fighters are the most talented ones, and can easily reach stronger levels comparing to the other ones, their traits grant them extra mods allowing them to gain status faster and reaching higher status when reaching the global status soft caps.

Mods are the same as talent points you distribute when creating your character, and each trait increase a status mod by 2 points, and can be learned once!

I advice every fighters to learn all the possible traits fast as possible, earlier you earn them, stronger you will be! Fighters are the most dependant class in game, even being very talented playing alone as a fighter won't make you stronger then the other classes at all, keep in mind you still need to eat decent foods to go anywhere, so, I suggest you to make alot of IC friends since getting money will be a problem for you; but you can always get some money as a hunter, or through selling resources, or even being a thief... Money will grant you everything else you need to be the strongest! Hiring a Master to train you and a Civilian to build and cook for you will keep you in the right direction!

Traits list:
Brawler grants you 2 strenght mods for 200 skill points;
Energy Manipulator grants you 2 force mods for 200 skill points;

Martial Artist grants you 2 speed mods for 200 skill points;

Tanky grants you 2 endurance mods for 200 skill points;
Thick Skin grants you 2 resistance mods for 200 skill points;
Combat Finesse grants you 2 attack mods for 200 skill points;
Bulwark grants you 2 defense mods for 200 skill points;

Cosmo Fighter grants you 2 cosmo mastery for 200 skill points;


As its name suggest, the civilians are the only focused in normal lifestyle, and with that are the only capable of learning and doing common things, This doesn't mean they can't fight or become strong! but the civilians traits let them learn jobs to aid the general lifestyle of them, and mainly the others; Civilians are the easiest class to become rich, and easier to play with since they are the most self suficient class;
I strongly advise to
never give away your civil jobs for free, unless its your best friend's character and stuffs, becuase this will make the other class needs you less; and your pick for civil will be useless at long run since no one will ever have interest to pay you, or the other civilians around;
Civilians usually don't care alot about training and training methods, but mostly focus on gaining inteligence; you can raise your inteligence by reading better books, or by spending roleplay points. Keep in mind you can write books relative to your actual inteligence, and make alot of money out of selling books.
Every civilian's job quality are based off your intelligence, so focus on that!
But wait, that doesn't mean you won't be able to train and defend yourself and your friends, you live in Azusa!
dangerous times are always knocking at your doors, and depending on the era you are living at, becoming a guardian and hiring a master to train you will be crucial for your survival;

Most civilian traits unlock skills to later be gained through your learn verb inside your skills menu.

Traits list:
Healthy grants you 2 health mods for 100 skill points;
Hard Worker grants you 2 stamina mods for 100 skill points;

Tailor allows you to learn the tailoring skills and make clothes for 100 skill points;

Blacksmith allows you to learn the forging skills and make ordinary human iron goods for 100 skill points;
Musician allows you to learn how to play song using instruments for 100 skill points;
Cook allows you to cook better foods, and get a boost at inteligence with professional cooking for 100 skill points;
Farmer allows you to learn the skills to find proper seeds in the wild for 100 skill points;

Barber allows you to learn the skills to cut and change hairs styles and colors for 100 skill points;

Digger allows you to dig tunnels and build underground, and earn mining bonus for 100 skill points;

Lumberjack allows you to earn bonuses when chopping trees for 100 skill points;

Builder allows you to build stone or wood houses(or castles) and fornitures for 100 skill points;


 Masters are by average stronger than Civilians just because their role get them into  alot of combat situations, as they are the class that can easily find a spar partner, Masters traits are all focused in multiplying the other's gains
However masters are always in search of new pupils to increase their own techniques and usually have really interesting roleplays as they progride creating bounds with their pupils and friends as the story of Azusa progrides.

Masters can also learn the Combat Styles and teach them to other players, helping their pupils to get even higher advantages in combat. Keep in mind they will improve their own Combat Style as they train their pupils.
To raise a combat style you need to spar in training mode, and do it with someone with lower combat mastery than yours, you will gain slowlier than your pupil, once this pupil equals you, move to another pupil and so on to reach the maximum of 40%, and then completelly train the other pupils and so on;

Your Master Traits will only boost the pupil gains if you both are sparring while using the training mode, Training mode decreases the damage by half, letting both fight longer and with the master's multipliers to gain even more and faster;

I advise you to focus at learning your Seventh Sense fast as possible, as it will allow you to control your cosmo and decrease it to lower levels enough to be able to fight way weaker pupils, with this being able to train even kids; Roleplay the most as possible with your pupils to get stronger and always charge for your training services! This is how you will get enough money to eat and or even  hire someone to build a dojo!

Master traits can be earned multiple times as they are the most Skill Points dependant class; allowing them to build up their master style and be the best master as possible to their pupils.

Traits list:
Master Brawler increase your pupils strength gains by 50% for 200 skill points;
Master Manipulator increase your pupils force gains by 50% for 200 skill points;

Master Martial Artist increase your pupils speed gains by 50% for 200 skill points;

Master Tanky increase your pupils endurance gains by 50% for 200 skill points;
Master Thick Skin increase your pupils resistance gains by 50% for 200 skill points;
Master Combat Finesse increase your pupils attack gains by 50% for 200 skill points;
Master Bulwark increase your pupils defense gains by 50% for 200 skill points;

Master Healthy increase your pupils health gains by 50% for 200 skill points;

Master Hard Worker increase your pupils stamina gains by 50% for 200 skill points;

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