Controls and Layout Explained

Azusa's interface may look confusing at first, as the game has a lot of commands and features to allow higher customization; Its organized in six parts,  I will get them explained with details as this guide progresses;

Controls and Settings


Here is where you will find most commands to customize everything in the game, also links to guides and everything;
At the first tab, called
commands you will find:
View Keyboard Opening this you will see the list of pre-set hotkeys in the game;
Custom Hotkeys Will allow you to customize what command will be called when a key is pressed; for example fill the first box with the key "t" then type the command Turn; everytime you press T, your character will execute the turn command; (You need to know the right path for the command you are trying to customize, so ask help from admin!);
Reset Hotkeys If you mess up with the hotkeys, use this to restore the default settings;
Set FPS to 20-100 When your experiencing some animations delay, try changing your client's FPS settings to fit the current connection speed, the most fitting to your client will vary on the connection to the server and your computer settings, so try a best fitting FPS, by default most players have a confortable animation rate at 30 FPS.


In the next tab you will find the commands to control the Chat and Sound of the game to fit your needs;
Say/Roleplay Sounds Toggle the alerts sounds played when you receive new messages in character;
OOC Toggle Turns on/off the global out of character chat messages;

Change Chat Will change the style of your chat box, letting you customize it as you please, dragging and resizing it, even setting its transparency, or completelly removing the chat box from your window;

Battle Song Upload Will search for a song file in your computer for you to play at battles! Keep in mind other players will also listen to the battle song you have selected; You can upload a song file up to 2.5mb, I suggest you get a .midi file, or an .ogg file for this;

Battle Song Mute/Stop/Automatic Lets you control when you will listen or play battle songs, with automatic mode on, your song will always start playing when you engage a combat;


Third tab will let you customize the size of your game's view, this depends on your monitor resolution and, smaller the Icon Size further will be your view range; Keep in mind playing with a very small icon size will make the game heavier as it will try to load more objects in the map; Find a best fitting icon size to your computer and connection to have the best experience while playing Azusa!

Fourth tab have commands to Help you while playing the game, there you will find links to important guides and features of the game, also there you can fix your overlays if something went wrong with your character display;


Fifth tab will let you open and close important Windows such as the keyboard one explained before, and the tournaments window that will let you keep track of Guardian Tournaments around the world;

And final one are the controls for Subscribers such as using Credits and getting Crowdfunders perks.


Buttons Interface


This Part will control most of ingame commands and interface you will need, it will take some time to get familiar with it, before we go in details with the buttons, going to explain the numbers inside the circles; blue number states for your Potential, orange one for your current Cosmo, the white number in the middle with the green bar shows your character Level and Experience.

The first buttom, the Gear states for options and clicking it will open the submenu with the list of commands to help you to get going in the game; 
Hotkeys is the same command fount in the Commands tab, this lets you customize a hotkey to call another command;
Updates will link you to the update log sessions of the website, use this to keep track of the latest updates and new features of Azusa!
Who will show you the list of players online, keep in mind their Character names won't be revealed; but there you can find important informations such as the current server's Years, Status Soft Caps and your Personal Cap;

Admin Help will send a message to every admin online, at the ADMIN HELP session of your chat window, use this to talk with admins about problems, or report players and bugs, or to get guidance through roleplay and events;
Website will link you to the home page;
Rules will open the window with the list of rules of the server you are playing, make sure to read everything and follow them to avoid being banned!

Tournament will open the tournament window, letting you keep track of the guardian tournaments around the world.

Admin Mode will let you open the admin controls, if you are an admin!

The second buttom holds the Chat controls, letting you customize your Chat window and its size turning it on/off, and even resizing it, change its transparency etc.

The third buttom with a Fire symbol states for Skills, in this section you will find most controls toward everything your character learned so far;
Skill Window  by default called by the hotkey "K" will open/close the Skill Window, there you will be able to see every skills your character have learned and, you can double click a skill to use it; Keep in mind you can also Drag a skill to the Skills Hotbar to use the keys 1-0 as shortkeys to any skill you want;

Rest by default called by the hotkey "R", will let your character rest and regain Health and Stamina; 

Learn will open a list of skills your character can learn, keep in mind you will need to spend Skill Points to learn any skill, pick them wiselly!

Fourth buttom holds the controls related to Roleplaying and will help you to get into the game's atmosphere and understand the current situations of the world; keep in mind Azusa is designed as a Roleplaying Game and as players develop their characters they control completelly the destiny of the game's story!

RP Guide will link you to the Roleplaying Guides in this website! Make sure to read it if you are confused with this part of the game's features!

Roleplay by default called by the hotkey "B", will open the input box for you to type a roleplay, basically an description of your characters action, letting you have a better freedom to interact with the world and others near you!

Story will let you read the current global situation of the server, keep in mind everything written here are out of character informations!

Knowledge will let you read the common knowledge that every character might know, its helpful for new players to read this so they can get into the global roleplay easier! This is in character informations!

Ranks will show you the list of ranks, Ranks are Important Roles such as Gods and Kings that are controled by players, this will show you wich Ranks are avaliable and wich aren't!

Player Event will let Event Masters write events that will be broadcasted globally; important events going on the globe should always be broadcasted so we can always keep track of the important stories; Keep in mind events are usually followed up by extra Roleplay Rewards!

Set Profile This command will let you customize your characters profile, to access someone's profile right click them! the profile info will contain important roleplay informations of your character, such as age, a picture, and other details you may think is important to whoever you are roleplaying with to know.
Spend RPP will let you spend Roleplay Points and Skill Points; as you roleplay and develop your character you will be rewarded with points that can be used to buy almost everything ingame, this is actually the main way to get strong in the game; However Skill points are also spents to learn your Class' traits! unlocking more skills to learn!


Fifth buttom with a Box symbol will show you controls over the lower right corner of your screen;
Inventory by default called by the hotkey "I" Opens and Closes your inventory window, right click an item to interact with it, wear or drop it!

Building will Open and Close your Building window, double click a item there to build! keep in mind to build in Azusa you must have the Civilian class, and learn the Builder Trait under the Spend RPP/Skill Points buttom.

Quests by default called by the hotkey "Q" Opens and closes your quest window, double click a quest scroll to read/complete it!


Sixth and last buttom will Open and Close your Character window, by default called by the hotkey "C", there you will find informations about your current status, hunger, gods, points and everything you will want to know about your character development;
Note a small question marks behind each status, that one will reveal your character's Nutritions! Make sure to eat decent food to keep your nutritions always positive! The bars after each status displays how far you are from raising it!


Slots and Informations


In the lower part of your screen you will see the Skills Slots, You can drag a Skill from the Skill Windows here to set shortkeys and quickly use them. These are controled by the 1-0 buttoms;

The upper left part of your screen you will see the Perks Slots, these are rare unique traits your character have developed; you can double click a perk to know more about it or to use it against someone;


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