• Access to Patrons monthly armors
  • And more! Read the patron lists to know every exclusive perks!

Hello, thank you for considering to help the game development as a patron, keep in mind that patreon only charge you at the 1st days of the months, the patreon perks will be given only after the first payment.
Make sure to inform us your BYOND KEY (scroll down). And welcome to Azusa!


BYOND Subscription

 Subscription perks:
  • Access to the game
  • Want to build a city? a shop? Make it with custom npcs, sell your goods and make civilians; Subscribers get  60% higher starting chances at creating NPCs!
  • Extra Icons, Hair and if you are a Tailor, you can craft Extra Clothes
  • Want to bring some players to your city? Subscribers can create Custom Spawns!
  • Want to forge Cosmo into Relics? Lemurians are always unlocked for subscribers!
  • Play as Angels, Demons, Kappa and more! Rare races are always unlocked to subscribers;
  • Lower cosmo explosion req. rate at character creation!
  • Lifetime Subscribers Only* Can create Private Servers, read the PS rules and avaliability at BYOND hub
  • And more!

Direct Payments: 


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