World Concepts

The world of Azusa is not so simple, yet easy and quick to be understood; There are several differences between the World of the classic anime in which Azusa was inspired in and its own universe;

Some things are clearly similar, and the inspiration is logical, however, yes, everything has a difference so that it is appropriate within a healthy Roleplay environment, like some nerfs in scales of power and enrichment of lores within the concepts of the game;

And here, is where the World Concepts of the Azusa Universe may be explained;

Mere representation of a body (ethereal) and its cosmos burning.



Cosmo, is the main "source of energy" and concept of the world in Azusa; But he is much more than pure raw power, it is a philosophical concept based on both Western and Eastern mythologies. it is the origin of life, matter, universe, and is related to the smaller of the subatomic particles that make up each of the things. And controlling this "power" means being able to do anything within its limits, such as shaping reality, manipulating laws of physics to the point of moving at the speed of light, and even creating materials.

It is not known for certain when the cosmos arose, and this is not known by the humans, is a knowledge reserved only to Zeus. This is that the cosmos is the first fundamental element of creation, which also composes all others, in a certain way, being fundamental to the creation of others.

Basics of the Cosmo

The sense of the cosmos can be awakened by any human, but it will hardly be awakened by people who do not believe in themselves or in a weak spirit, after all, the cosmos can not be used if the user's spirit is not strong and connected to it;

The cosmic power is often described as a small universe that exists inside each of the things, even if very few can feel the same, even though these are Cosmo manipulators;


When a powerful individual raises his cosmos, this small universe expands, even capable of disturbing anything that has less cosmos. Possessing a cosmos greater than its target, alive or not, any living being is able to destroy its target, completely, if using the cosmos, not leaving even a trace of its atoms; During the rise of the cosmos, an individual powerful enough, if he raises the cosmos enough he will explode, and this may be conscientious or not. The explosion of the cosmos generates a small bigbang in the body of the individual.

Cosmo users can die of old age, however, those who have greater capacity and control over their power, exhibit fewer physical signs of aging, such as wrinkles or even white hair, many simply do not seem to age, if they do not want to;

Cosmo users are not affected in combat as ordinary humans. Things such as tendon rupture, bone breakage, or loss of vital organs to the body do not affect cosmic users as much as normal humans, that is, a warrior with cosmic control can always stand up using only the force of its cosmos.

Sixth Sense

The intermediate state of the elevation of the cosmos, is the burning of the same, learned when the individual is able to perform "cosmo charge". During the burning of the cosmos, the inner universe of the individual burns, generating the 'aura' that expands as the temperature increases. The aura is the visual manifestation of this, and can be seen even by ordinary humans;


Having control over your aura at the maximum, even maximum level allows you to agress your senses, becoming a kind of higher being, and superior to any being unable to use cosmos, being literally a God when compared to normal humans. The ability to sense the cosmos of all things around, to have the ability to see the flame of the cosmos through people and objects, even when they are not powerful enough to be seen by ordinary humans;


Some with maximum control of this ability may be able to manipulate the cosmos freely, minimally shaping their physical attributes.

Seventh Sense

The total control of the sixth sense and the cosmos present in the individual is recognized when the individual reaches the seventh sense. That is the essence of the cosmos, and represents the capacity for elevation and control of the cosmos;


A being that is able to elevate its cosmos, expands the universe inside its body, expanding the aura to unimaginable levels, and expanding its aura to the maximum, if it has a body, and control of the cosmos adequate, it is able to make its cosmos explode. A warrior with seventh sense already possesses full capacity of its powers, being able to contain itself and to fight in 100% freely. This power also represents at this level, being able to manipulate his speed and power to reach the speed of light;


The explosion of the cosmos; Phenomenon represented by the bigbang inside the individuals when they reach it, is the full capacity of cosmo in combat, a being that explodes its cosmos, reached the apex of cosmic control, even though this does not necessarily mean that it knows how to use it properly, and has dominion over all areas of the cosmos, only means that he knows himself and his cosmos full.

Cosmo Nature

Those who have control over the cosmos end up acquiring some other skills by improving mastery and control of it, and much discipline, for example, control over some basic elements of nature, such as water, fire, and wind; Examples of masters in these techniques are Zeus, Poseidon, and Athena, who are masters and possibly the creators of Ray, water, and earth controls, respectively;


The control of the nature of the cosmos, refers to the ability to assimilate one of these elements, such as fire, which consists of generating heat (temperature control) and producing the flame, some armors by themselves already possess such a skill, and may aid those who wear them in battle, ie it is possible for someone with water affinity to use the flaming blows of Eagle, although they can not advance to the next level;


When the warrior has a sufficient understanding of control over his element of nature, he is able to achieve marvelous deeds as a dismemberment of the sixth sense, communicate with the waters, shape the fire at will, control and feel the winds miles away and feel what there are meters below the ground; It is possible to combine elements with that of armor, generating unique abilities in combination with them, for example, aurora thunder, which is a variation of Thunder and Water.

Sensing Cosmo

The cosmos is absolutely everything that exists, will exist or has already existed. Absolutely everything has a cosmos, even if the universe existing in this something is small;


Even time and space have cosmos, that means they can be shaped, just like the thoughts of humans generated by the brain and its complex anatomy;


This is due to the fact that the relics of creation (space, time and knowledge) have a cosmos, simply because they are relics, and this makes everything in them possesses a cosmos.

Cosmo in Battle

Using cosmos in combat is something completely different from being a cosmo user, and so many have difficulty becoming guardians, since determination and knowledge are all that is needed to master the cosmos. However, it is not as if it were easy to keep your cosmos burning all the time while preparing a strategy and seeking to divert and find loopholes in the enemy;


Adding to the fact that using your cosmos offensively as a non-physical way, that is, using the cosmos to increase your speed or strength, is a very advanced technique and requires extra help from your armor, this means that Force Users , are much rarer, although they are feared, since it is also not easy to use atomic cohesion efficiently;

The dimensional control refers to the ability of control space and time (skill effect), Guardians of Gemini use this technique to generate their "Galactic Dimension" skill with the help of the armor, and the other guardians use to create "mini dimensions "where they use their special techniques, a basic example of dimensional control, would be when the cosmos of a guardian demonstrates to be so great that it seems to consume everything around him. It is an extremely useful technique, but also practically impossible to use on advanced scales, not even gods can bend space and time according to their will so easily, though it may be noted, that with the use of this power, Poseidon is able to move the seas and Hades to have controlled the whole hell dimension;

The main and most basic technique of guardians and cosmo fighters is atomic destruction, which refers to the ability to destroy atoms without breaking them, causing them to disappear completely, instead of a nuclear explosion;


This ability is fundamental to any warrior, and is the main pillar of the techniques rhyno rampage, shockwave and earthquacke, even if they have their peculiarities and differences, are manifestations of imperfect atomic destruction, which would be as an example, destroy a huge rock with a single punch Stronger manifestations of this technique would be the cosmo fist, which case mastered, could be considered intermediate atomic destruction; Very powerful warriors are able to destroy atoms without sudden movements, simply touching the surface of what they want to destroy;

The cosmos, is an art that has several and several branches, each of its pillars can be divided into severe others, and this is remarkable, in addition to these, there is still the temperature control, which with the self explanatory name, refers the ability to generate heat or extinguish it;

What creates the power partition between two cosmo users, besides their size, would be their espcializations, (ignoring behavior in combat and strategy) that is, there are warriors specialized in using the cosmos to increase their speed, others are manipulators who prefer to use the cosmos as a source of energy to attack from afar, and control of the cosmos, plus how good and specialized in that particular field the fighter is, the more powerful he gets, it is all about experience and manipulation of the cosmos.

The Armors


Horse armor wore by an unknown figure.

Chronos, believing that the cosmos was nothing more than a source of power, he created the first armor and the first "Kamui", wearing an extremely powerful cosmic essence, after the end of the first events, when Zeus became Almighty, he created his Kamui himself and named it as "Armor of Life" and presented the humans with their armors forged to lead creation.


Armors have many different shapes, colors and sizes, but they all have something in common, their strength, all are like relics, forged by Zeus himself and given to humans to lead his creation, but when Hades rebelled, they passed to be mere instruments of war; If armor is destroyed, after a while it will simply be reborn.


The armors, just like the Relics, were made and designed by Zeus to be wore by his most loyals "Paladins" The Guardians of life to defend the animals and every life being on the Human Realm. They are made of Orichalcum and stardust enchanted with cosmic energy, some have angel wings feathers as details The armors are living beings, each one inspired on animals that had impressed Zeus. The armors, as living beings, and with more cosmic energy, have much more potential than single relics. An armor teachs it's Guardian the techniques developed across the generations, thing that normal relics acan not do. An because of that, many believe that the Hades Sword is a "living" being as well.

Tree of Life

Much is discussed about the life and death in the Years After Azusa. Eveythingi s based on the Tree of Life.

Tree of Life

At first. Death could be represented as the end. The destruction. That was represented by Chronos. And since Zeus was no fool, he always knew of the possibility of being defeated by Chronos. Even with the relic of knowledge in your hands. Then Zeus created the Tree of Life and the underworld. By committing them. Zeus got a way that when he was killed, he had time to train and become powerful in hell. As a B plan. So he could return to have his revenge against Chronos. But he never lost, so he never needed to use it.

The Hell

Hell is nothing more than a place separate from Olympus. Where Chronos could not find Zeus. And where he could train to become powerful enough to defeat Chronos. Hell was not a place for the tormented souls to stay. But redemption. In the book written by Zeus the "Book of the Law," it is described that only people with a bad heart could go to hell. Not that they should be punished. But that they might have the eternal time to redeem themselves.

Forbidden Fruit

The Forbidden Fruit is a physical manifestation of death. Too powerful for humans to handle. When Zeus created the tree of life, the fruit arose as a consequence. That later would be used by Hades as a way to clean the Olympus of the humans, inducing them to the death.


Zeus, after Hades used the forbidden fruit to take the humans out of the Olympus. He never had direct access to hell. Even being the Almighty. So he decided to create his Vassel. Yeshua, the savior. And with the use of death. Not only to gain access to hell and to intervene in when a human dies or not. He also died to prove that Zeus is superior to death. And that death is not to be something to be feared. It is a form of redemption. A way to be brave and save others. Yeshua created the key, and created his instances. So he could use the book of the law to bring kindhearted humans to paradise. So that they can spend eternity by their side.

Fire Ocean

The closest to the "destruction" that exists in the world of Azusa. It is a zone of hell that practically almost does not exist. It's the end. At the end of the holy war, several Reapers end up going there voluntarily. When a being simply does not believe that there is hope anymore. When you no longer have any determination to continue existing. This one is sent there. That's why most of the dead are sent to the Fire Ocean. Humans with a pure heart. That enter the first page of the Book of the Law. Which says that pure-hearted beings should not go to hell are saved by Zeus. Passing eternity by your side. Far from the eternal torment that is the Fire Ocean.

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