The world of Azusa was first ceated when three primordial artifacts were born;

Those that are relics representing the life and the basic concepts, such as time, space and even the knowledge.


The cosmos is probably the fourth element of creation.

Legendary Artifacts

The Mighty Zeus Thunder

"The relic of the relics. The key to our salvation. The bless that seems to have come from a fairy tale of false hopeful believers that a future of peace will one day come. I am one of these hopefuls who believe that the Savior will destroy Hades by wielding this sacred weapon. " -Heracles

The Knowledge

Zeus's favorite relic, the relic of knowledge, in which the wingless Angel, after several centuries, managed to discover where Chronos kept it, since it was useless to him, with the Relic of knowledge at hand, Zeus managed to defeat Chronos and seal it in the relics of space and time.

The Thunder

After the first Seraphim became Hades. Zeus delivered the Zeus Thunder to Humans, believing that this was indeed the most powerful relic of all, allowing knowledge of all things to whom it is being used, it functions as an "Oracle", it was using this relic that Heracles  could " predict the future "and prophesy that the savior, Yeshua would return to end Hades once and for all.

The Power

The abilities of the Zeus Thunder are described by Heracles in one of his many books as "The Divine Relic. That which provides absolute power," bearing this in mind, it is remarkable to think that the Zeus Thunder would be of all relics on earth, powerful and legendary to exist, being able to easily overthrow the sword of Hades itself, legends tell that an Elite wielding such a relic is capable of rivaling even Hades himself. Truth is that even Heracles himself confirmed that he was the only one capable of defeating the emperor of the underworld by wielding the relic during the Dark Ages.

Other Relics of Creation

The Time

The abstract concept of time, is the second most powerful relic in the matter of gross cosmos. Losing only for space, but without doubt, it is the most useful of all. It can be used to jump across multiple timelines, or even to mess up time in various interpretive ways.

The Known

The weakest of all the relics of creation. However, it was this one that Zeus chose to carry his name, and the title of his favorite. This one, which currently responds by the name of "Zeus Thunder", is the relic that guarantees to the bearer to know almost everything what he wants. However, Zeus prevented ANY human from asking the name of an Angel. Or to ask about creation or other relics. The Zeus thunder will always give the false answer that Zeus has created everything and everyone.

The Space

The most powerful relic in the matter of brute power. It is capable of absorbing anyone, and shaping the space as the carrier wants. That is why Zeus was able to create so many plans, Olympus and terrain. Because he had the relic of space in his hands. This sealed Chronos, and every time someone uses it. There will be a chance that Chronos will be set free

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