Primal Gods

Lore Gods/Default Gods

The Default gods in Azusa. Basically the lore and the first gods that were created and can be revived/played at the start of each new server. Custom or not, these gods will always be available on the game's source. Of course, Custom gods can be created while the story is being developed. Go to "Book of Law" and search for "gods" if you want to know exactly what a "god" is. Here you can see a basic "lore" and the personality of each god. Keep in mind that this is really useful if you're playing a god. Also, the information here are are NOT common knowledge, so stay aware. (Only Zeus knows about his past and etc).

 Hades, The Death lord

" The one who has fallen to darkness; The one that brought Despair and Damnation to the over world, and all this is my fault. I created the Deahtlord by not allowing the strong to hold even more power. First or not, he must be stopped." 

- Zeus, The first Great War.


Hades was the first Seraphim created by Zeus to help him on creation and to lead the angels by his name after the Chaotic age of Chronos. The first Seraphim helped Zeus to create the Angels, the Olympus and the human world. However, centuries after the meaning of life to be established, Zeus chose to give Humans, who were weak and poweless, the powerful Guardian armors, and the job to protect the life forms and the creation. Hades, who thought that he was perfect, couldn't understand why Zeus would trust such a task to weak beings, and as Zeus's favoritism towards humans was clear, Hades rebealed and took half of Angel's population with him saying that they should be the guardians, not the Humans and using the forbidden fruit, he brought humans to death and named himself as "Hades", sealing his body in a place that the Almighty couldn't reach and started the Great Wars.

The First Seraphim

Like any other Seraphim, Hades helped Zeus to create the world of Azusa and everything; Hades is the strongest being in Azusa, losing to the Almighty only, due to the Relics of creation, yet, his feats prove him to be almost as strong as Zeus even without such powerful artifacts and he is the strongest Seraphim to ever exist, some say that his power at the spiritual form is stronger than every other Seraphim to be born, including Athena and Poseidon. He used the Tree of Life and the Forbidden fruit, as he was also strong enough to link his Soul to the Underworld and take over control of the Dead, another feat is that he turned the angels that followed him into the first demons.

The Death Lord

As the Death lord, Hades uses the forbidden fruit to rule death and of the "sins" to rule earth. Hades main objective is to become the Almighty and to prove Zeus that humans are useless and weak. And he does that by using the sin that he himself and Pandora created, so he can become the Almighty by first destroying everything that Zeus most loves. He is also the second only god that can summon his "Kamui" on his vessel.


Hades feels nothing. He only seeks for his personal goals and for self recognition. Smart, Hades is the smartest and colder god in Azusa so far. He's also a narcissist, and that's why he rebealed. Because HE wasn't the guardian, because weak beings were chosen to be the guardians and not him, a perfect being, powerful and mighty. He is also cruel, because he can and because he knows that the Humans fear it, his cruelty is no match. The Death Lord is sure worthy of that Title. Of course, he's also a genious in wars, and some times he wouldn't even need to reveal his identity.

Zeus, The Almighty

"Zeus, the Almighty. Our lord, Savior and creator. He is the only one who we should fear, he is the only one who will hear our prays and save us, I do believe, that he will give us a Savior, and the humanity will be free."

 - Heracles, over 3000 Before Azusa.


Zeus was born as a wingless and powerless angel. Due to his weakness, Chronos, the Destruction never absorbed him. Due to that, he had an eternity to plan and to grow stronger. Zeus managed to steal the relic of knowledge and fought Chronos many times, after several ages of an endless Battle, Zeus finally managed to defeat Chronos and he sealed him on the Space-time relic, becoming the Almighty and creating the world of Azusa, the guardian's armors, recreated the angels who were destroyed by Chronos and the First Seraphim.

The Unkown Angel

Zeus's most important feats to the world of Azusa. He created the Tree of Life as a plan B in the case of he died during the war against Chronos, so he could train on the underworld until the time he could finally beat Chronos. But he never had to use it because he never lost. With the Tree of Life, the Forbidden fruit was created, wich is the physical concept of death. Zeus also got his favorite Relic, the relic of Knowledge, wich he used as an Oracle to defeat Chronos once and for all.

The Almighty

Zeus as the Almighty created everything. He recreated the angels who were all consumed by Chronos and created lots of rules to limitate their interaction with Humans. The law of the vessel was made so Angels can never reveal their true identity so their vessel would simply be destroyed at the exact moment they do. If an angel's true name is revealed it's vessel will be banned forever. Zeus renamed the Relic of the Knowledge into the mighty Zeus thunder to aid humanity in the great wars. He also created the first Seraphim as the Almighty.


Zeus is the most wise and smart god in Azusa. The one who loves humans even more than themselves. Zeus, is the only one who can understand and see everything from every view point before acting or taking any conclusion. Because of it, Zeus is smart enough to know that everything is under his control as the Almighty and he is able to analyze every situation before acting. Zeus, different from Athena is not impulse and reckless. Yet, Zeus do feel something for humans and is able to care about them, as an example he can give a human who is suffering power to save the world. Yet, he wouldn't get out of control because of it, he is too smart for that.


" Athena and her's children. They are almost like weak savage dogs protecting their master, She's the dumbes among the gods, and her's men are even worse. Hearing her's fake words about 'hope' and 'dreams'  she'll feel the despair when i become the lord of the lords.

- Hades, 1000 before Azusa


Athena was born in the Dark Ages, and soon became prominent among the other angels in their first decades of life, becoming the next in the line of successors of Hades, the seraphim. Athena as a Seraphim, was extremely powerful. But her affection and love for humans led her to disagree with Zeus on the way he outlined his plans and dealt with the war that was worth human life. And so Athena resolved by herself to intervene, and built her sanctuary above the city of Heracles, where she sealed her soul in the imposing statue of Athena in a reckless act. Thus becoming a Goddess.

Before Azusa

Athena never followed much the teachings of Zeus, that is, never fit into any of the Elites of God even being Seraphim. Athena as Seraphim participated in more wars than she as Goddess, however, she was already experienced in leading an army, even being extremely impulsive. After becoming Goddess, she simply vanquished from the wars, since few knew the method of reviving it.

After Azusa

The Goddess was revived only after the end of the Dark Age with the coming of the Savior Yeshua, about 300 years after the Savior's coming. The goddess re-stabilized in her sanctuary that had been abandoned since she was killed for the last time by Hades himself.

*Athena was dead during Yeshua's war, so she does not know about his existence.

*Athena was dead during Yeshua's war, so she does not know about Altair Of Justce.

*Athena knows the Zeus Thunder, and could possibly deduce what the shards are, if she finds one, or more than one, united.


Athena is extremely impulsive and emotional towards humans, she loves them in every way, often getting involved with them, this one who has never been in favor of the Vessel's law created by Zeus. In addition to being emotional and impulsive, Athena loved humans, and usually had a group of several friends. The goddess for not agreeing with the forged path in the elites of Zeus, created her empty Zodiacal armor, representing only power. However, they also represent the freedom that humans have of being and following what and to whom they want in a certain way.

Poseidon, The emperor of the Oceans

"Poseidon has always been as neutral as possible, his purpose is vague Beauty of creation, he is a fool, believing in living beings is stupidity, all must be exterminated, and the master and All mighty Hades is the only one who can offer for us to feel the pleasure of treading such a path. "



A Seraphim who always possessed an admiration for creation. And that made him become involved in the great war, even though the present God never had any admiration for humans. Poseidon saw the love on the bottom of the seas. Peaceful and simple lives. And that made him decide to turn away from the other gods. Aiming for peace, in a world flooded and free from other gods and great wars.


Poseidon, like the other gods who betrayed Zeus, was a Seraphim. This one who always admired the creation and the concept of peace coming from the bottom of the seas. He seeks a simple life and become the Almighty to control everything and ensure peace. And he does not mind taking some humans out of his way, such as welcoming humans to fight at his side.

Emperor of the Oceans

Poseidon then rebelled against Zeus and resolved to live in the depths of the seas. He was charmed and fell in love with the sea creatures. And he swore to watch over and protect them. Turning them away from holy war. Becoming a God and abandoning his old post of Seraphim.


Poseidon is intelligent and can sometimes be a little cold. He is as neutral as possible. And he believes that the conflict between the other Gods is a little foolish. It's ego is extremely loud. Poseidon always saw himself as an equal to Zeus after he had become God. Completely different from Hades, who is a God with the wounded ego, and who has to prove that he is superior.

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