Year 10 - The Era of Azusa is Near.

Hades ruled Earth for thousand of years and spread evil across all humanity, enslaving them with his  Army of Reapers. However, it was foretold – thanks to a prophecy given by the Zeus Thunder – that a Savior would come, defeat Hades, and bring a new era many regarded as Azusa. Zeus Thunder was a gift to the humanity and ever since been used as an oracle by the Grand Masters.  Hades was determined to finish the war once for all, and destroy, completely, the human race.


Hades decided to send his army to kill every young man before the Guardians of Life were reborn. His evil accomplice, Jecht of Despair, was sent to destroy a small village south of City of Heracles.



There lived a boy named Yeshua, a wise student of Guardian Battle Strategies. Once Jecht arrived in that village, he began destroying houses and spreading panic between the civilians, killing everyone in sight… however, upon meeting Yeshua, a man wearing a set of golden armor appeared, engaged in the most mortal of combat. The golden plated Guardian fought and defeated Jecht, forcing him to retreat back into the underworld. This man was named Altair of Justice.



Altair took Yeshua and the young ones that survived Jecht's attack, explaining to them that the Great War was upon them and they were meant to train in the Heracles City to be prepared for whatever was to come.


Yeshua trained and taught a lot of people, and by his wisdom and words of purity, a lot of people had their life changed. It was matter of time untill his leading skills made even more famous then the Elite Guardians, From that point, rumors about Yeshua being the savior spread quickly. Everyone that was taught by him praised in agreement:


“We are in the arms of the Savior.”

“He is my savior!”

Rumors would reach the Elite Guardians, but all of them envied this news. They believed and expected that they would be the savior. Only an Elite Guardian would be able to defeat Hades, not a simple, ordinary kid! Since then, they would begin work on a plan to introduce Yeshua to his death. “The people shall not be misled! We will strike down Yeshua and become the new saviors, and the people will worship us! Not he.”

The war had begun and the attacks of Underworld Reapers were becoming all the more common. The group of people that listened and followed the teachings of Yeshua always survived every attack. It was said that anyone that would apply his teachings shan’t undergo defeat. And, by his teachings, the evil army continued its pursuit making this the longest war known to man.

Ten years passed, and Yeshua grew into a figure of physical excellence. He also gained the possession of a strong piece of armor, the Ordinary Armor of the Lion. The number of people following Yeshua also increased greatly. However, they had begun to lack heart, and motivation … even their spirits were gone. Most of them didn’t even know Yeshua. They just followed him simply because they believed that the group wouldn’t be defeated by the underworld. Two followers remained close to him: Tori Kanagi of Eagle and Yujin Suneik of Koala. In a fight against the Reapers, Tori became subject to an ambush,  a tragic inevitability resulting in her death. All the rumors about Yeshua and his caravan being unbeatable were proven to be a lie. With that, the crowds of people stopped believing in Yeshua and abandoned him.

“He can`t save us! No one can!”

“Back to our homes, live the last seconds of your life in silent despair!”

Now in the Underworld, Tori didn’t stop believing – rather, she refused to stop believing. She continued spreading all the hope and lessons she learned with Yeshua between the prisoners trapped in the underworld. That way, the people that usually were tortured until the point of wearing one of Hades's armors are now waiting and prevailing as the words of Tori continued to spread within the Land of Death. “The Savior will come; the era of Azusa is near!”

The Death Lord, Hades, took notice that this war was taking too long. It was getting harder to convince humans to wear the underworld armors and become Reapers. He called upon the council leader of underworld, Almeria the Princess of Lie replied “Every group of Reapers I send hath failed to defeat this group led by a man called Yeshua”.

Hades then decided to kill Yeshua himself.

Knowing Yeshua purity, Hades knew that personally killing him would get Zeus to intervene,  This way, Hades tried to convince and pursue Yeshua to commit a sin, or to find any flaw in him. Because at that point, every human has committed a sin, he just needed to find out which one Yeshua has committed. And then he would be able to kill him without any problem.

For countless days and countless nights, Hades spied upon Yeshua, trying to figure out any flaws within him, but ultimately gave up. There was nothing wrong about him; Yeshua was a goodhearted man.  Being impatient, Hades tried something else. He used the Princess of Lie, Almeria, and went to the Temple of Zeus to talk with the Elite Guardians. “This war is taking too long, if you guys kill Yeshua in sacrifice, I will stop the war.” she proposed, disguised as one of the Elites. The other Elite Guardians have been trying to find a reason to get Yeshua killed since a long time ago, and quickly accepted the offer.

Altair of Justice went to the public and made a speech, explaining to everyone the reasons why Yeshua should be killed for a greater good. And soon, all the people that once were following Yeshua were now in agreement with Altair.

 “Kill him!”

 “He must die!”

“Save the city, it is for the greater good!”

The Death Lord's plans were to exterminate mankind and all of its presence. A large group of underworld Reapers were ready to invade and destroy Earth.

The mission to kill Yeshua had begun.

Yeshua, now betrayed, was crucified outside the Temple of Zeus. And when he died, suddenly the sky became dark. It came to a point where it was almost impossible to see! Earth has never undergone a moment such as this. Realizing what they have done, the sinners who were once followers of Yeshua discovered the errors of their ways and began to mourn.

“We killed the Savior!”

“Why have we come to something this low!”
“All hope for humanity is now lost!”


In the underworld, Hades was at his castle with the four Princes. He sat back and watched the massive army ready wreak havoc upon the Earth, ready to destroy everyone.

From the outside, the sound of loud footsteps bellowed throughout the land. The army looked about and, as they looked onto the cliff-side, they saw someone wearing a new armor never seen before. None of the people in the army knew who this person was, but as the man walked into the castle. Hades knew exactly who this person was. It was Zeus. His eyes held the coursing red flame; his body adorned with a metal of gleaming, pure white. Draped upon his back was a fluid, crimson cape in which wavered and rippled within the wind. Golden lions and tigers detailed and engraved within the armor and old writings stating the name of every elite armor glowing in historic Latin. As Hades squinted, struggling to even keep his eyes upon the light in which Zeus emitted, He wore a helm of which made it impossible to see his face.

All the Princes were staring while Hades arose from his throne, astonished at the sight. He questioned in anger, “What are you doing here?! You shouldn’t be here!” But the man answered, and his voice could easily be recognized as Yeshua’s, “In fact, I shouldn’t be here. But I, died in the place of many. So this way, even death can be revoked.”

After listening to the voice in which flowed like a thunder storm, Hades understood that Yeshua was talking about the law in  the tree of life. He never expected that Zeus would come himself as a human just to defeat him and set the human kind free. Filled with mixture of anger and despair he shouted to the Princes “Kill him!”

Each Prince was a bit stronger than an Elite Guardian, the first one to attack was Almeria of Lie.  As she went in attempt to strike Yeshua, he dodged her with a swift and simple slide, his cape trailing after him in the wind. Almeria's face was now engulfed in the cape, her body continued to slide through. As she passed through it, she felt her armor breaking. As the cape was removed off of Almeria, she quickly fell to the ground completely unconscious and drenched in blood. And all the other Princes retreated after seeing how strong that man was. He defeated Almeria by simply dodging her attack!

Yeshua continued in the direction of Hades. Feeling threatened, the other three Princes attacked, but even fighting together they couldn’t stand a chance against Yeshua; He easily defeated the three of them.

The ultimate battle has begun! While the two entities’ wills collided, Yeshua used the skills of every Elite Guardian– barriers, fire, and all of the known wonders of the Earth. But with a crushing stomp to the skull of Hades, Yeshua, now known to be Zeus, prevailed victorious and won the battle.

After winning the battle, Yeshua got the Underworld Keys from Hades and went to the  prison releasing everyone that refused to kill their good side. Tori Kannagi was still there and preaching about Yeshua and everyone saw that what she was saying about the Savior was true. One of them said sadly to Yeshua, “I have committed a lot of flaws, and I deserve to be dead…”  However, he responded, “If you committed flaws, it was against me that you committed. I died to pay your debt; Don't you think you are forgiven? If you want, follow me.”

The crowd followed Yeshua through the Gates of the Underworld. And using the key, Yeshua opened the gates and went through. As everyone passed, each one of them returned to life.

Meanwhile, the Heracles City was being attacked. Explosions and screams could be seen and heard everywhere. The darkness started to grow and even while some Guardians fought to protect the city, they couldn’t handle the entire underworld army.

Between these heroes, Yujin of Koala was still fighting to protect the city and was facing Jecht of Despair that was clearly the better of him.  “Look around, everything you loved is gone. Give up on your hopes…  Despair yourself and die!” Yujin was about to be defeated when Jecht’s lips opened to speak. Somehow, even while what Jecht said was true, Yujin couldn’t give up. He opened his eyes and responded “… Definitely, he will come!” And then Jecht, enraged, stepped forward getting ready to finish Yujin.

Suddenly, a light could be seen crossing the sky to their direction, and before any of them could react Yeshua landed between them, wearing the Armor of Zeus. Before Jecht could say anything, with a single kick Yeshua defeated Jecht destroying his armor.

As Yujin and Yeshua made eye contact, Yujin smiled as he recognized his friend and savior, and without exchanging a single word, a simple nod was given by Yeshua and he jumped and flew away, going to the war zone.

Everyone could see the Savior wearing the armor of Zeus crossing the skies above the City of Heracles. He fought and defeated every foe, making this the first time the evil forces were defeated. Once the war ended, the sky changed as a new era named “Azusa” had come, just as the prophecies said.  Once Yeshua finished his task, he spoke to a group of tired Guardians. It wasn’t the end – in accordance to the prophecy, he had to disappear, using a strange mirror relic, he disappeared after telling them that even when hard times come, they shouldn't forget him.

In the Temple, the Elite Guardians were terrified. Not understanding what happened at all, they were blaming each other for killing the savior. They feared that soon the citizens and remaining guardians would riot and kill them for it. But now that Yeshua disappeared, they decided to deny everything that happened by destroying the Zeus Thunder to avoid the future Grand Masters and people of Heracles to know. But when they tried to destroy the book, even with their super power, they failed.

Altair of Justice suggested that they separate the Thunder into thousand pieces with the help of Cosmo Forgers and spread around the world. So they did, and killed everyone that would not deny that Yeshua, the savior had come. But there was something the Elite Guardians of that generation couldn’t hide, the beginning of Azusa!


30 Years after That the Four Elites Guardians ruled everything, but their death was eminent, despaired knowing they would be sent to Fire Ocean the four agreed to make a last contract with Hades (Thanks to Pandora mediation). They wanted to stay on earth at any cost so they could protect the pieces of thunder and other relics and keep their secret intact. So when they died, their will and part of their power was sealed into dungeons, and their will took phisical forms, Four creatures were created, Altair of Justice's will became a Dragon, Love's became Deep Sea creature, Peace became Queen Churanha, and Truth became the well known Minotaur, however this contract made their suffering eternal.


© 2016 by Azusa RP.

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