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Azusa's legendary historical figures will be documented here, keep in mind that most of this information is Out of Character.

Heracles, the prophet

Founder of the city bearing the same name, Heracles was the author of the prophecy that said in the dark age a savior would come and take away the humans of the dark age, ending Hades.


As no statue showing the face of Heracles was ever made, his appearance is also unknown, when it is portrayed in statues, and this rarely happens, he is wearing a cloak that completely covers his body.


Like its origins, little is known about the capacities of Heracles, however, it is known that he was able to predict the future, and, during the dark era, was responsible for causing the greatest problems to Hades, being the man who came closest to winning a war against Hades before Yeshua. He founded the order of thunder, and preached the use of Zeus Thunder for the defeat of Hades. And he did it with such mastery, that it is said that he and the four high priests (Elites) managed to "kill" the Vessel of Hades.


Heracles died in 4182 before Azusa, exactly 68 years, due to mortal wounds caused by the Death Lord and Pandora at the battle of Asgard, that happened in the own frozen bioma. Heracles defeated the emperor of hell in a direct combat, where he received a cross-shaped relic with the cosmos of the 4 High priests of the order of the thunder (Elites); As the Zeus Thunder penetrated the heart of the Vessel of Hades, Pandora struck the body of the prophet with a terrible blow, which further aggravated his wounds, thus causing his death two days after the battle, where he died passing the Zeus Thunder to the next leader of the order. However, no other was able to use infinite knowledge as well as the Prophet did.

Yeshua, the Savior

Yeshua is the savior Heracles predicted would come to take mankind out of the dark age and end Hades. Letting humans live 300 years of peace


Yeshua, as the chosen one and first vessel of Zeus, was so powerful that his blood shed by Altair of Justice and the other Elites of the year 10 became a Relic, however much he did not possess a cosmos as powerful as the others, Yeshua's blood is able to revive the Reapers, and the key he used to open the cells of hell became a portal to the underworld


Yeshua was the son of a humble carpenter, living in a small village south of Heracles when he was only ten years old, the village was attacked and entirely destroyed by Jecht of Despair, luckily Yeshua was rescued by the former keeper of Zeus Thunder and first great master to exist, Altair of Justice.

The Knowledge about Yeshua was erased from history by Altair and the other masters.
No human or Lemurian knows about the existence of Yeshua, but they know about the prophecy and the era in which Hades dominated the land without ever losing a war, which ended after the war that began in the year 10.


Yeshua is a young boy with light skin, brown eyes and hair. When Yeshua was not wearing his Lion Armor, he was usually seen wearing a red blouse, light lilac pants, white shoes, a band on his arms, and a band on his left forearm.


Yeshua was crucified, killed, and buried at age 33. Betrayed by Altair of Justice and the other 4 High Priests of the order of the Thunder, on the third day, Yeshua resurrected, thus proving to humans that death should not be feared, and using the Book of Law, he could pass over death, being a man of pure heart, he used the Kamui of Zeus and ended Hades, killing him for definitive by taking his life in Hell.

Altair Of Justice, The Good

Altair was the man who founded the Great Master's lineage, ending the ancient "Order of the Thunder"'s priests and merging the monarch with the chief priest, who represented the top and most respected level of the clergy.


Altair was a good and just man, so righteous that he was awarded the armor of justice. And besides being the Pope named in addition to guiding humanity to protect it from Hades, he was the chosen one among all the gilded to be responsible for guarding the Zeus Thunder. However, Altair fell into disgrace, and over time, he realized that the High Priests were becoming more and more useless in the war, and were losing their space to a boy named Yeshua who was a simple common guardian, Altair formulated a plan with the other High priests, with the influence of Almeria of Lies, however, Yeshua proved to be the real savior, and ended up with Hades. Altair, then, desperate to do what they always did, commonly, whenever a war was going on, people used to ask the Zeus Thunder what happened in the previous war, so that the mistakes were not repeated, afraid that this would happen, Altaïr and the others destroyed the Zeus Thunder and Altaïr transformed the former Temple of Thunder, in which it was used to guard it and protect it in its personal castle, naming itself first of the lineage of the great masters. And for that, he had to lie, saying that the Zeus Thunder was destoryed in the final battle, and as he was the highest rank in the Order of the Thunder, he dismembered the order and named himself as the First Great Master of Heracles, combining Monarch and Pope together. Renaming the "High Priests" from the order Heracles created into the Elite guardians Zeus himself named when first created the golden armors.


Altair was born in 38 before Azusa, born in Heracles and raised there, trained to become a guardian. As a young man, at age 10, Altair became the guardian of Eagle in the desert on a trip he had made with his three best friends, respectively, the 3 High Priests. In 23, at age 15, he became High Priest of Justice.


30 years after Altair had become the first great master, his life was nearing its end, he feared that he would go to hell, and could not take care of the parts of thunder or of the relics he and others as almost physical manifestations of the sin of greed they kept, then he resolved to make a covenant with Hades, being thus cursed by him. Altaïr sealed his soul in the spirit of a creature, who upon receiving his cosmos became the dragon, and his essence forced the creature to protect its relics and parts of thunder. The "dragon" is red, and immortal, has the ability to spit fire and imitate the techniques that Altair had when he was still the Elite of Justice. It has enormous wings, made by Hades himself, as a way of mocking the golden wings of the elites of Zeus.

The Great Master

As the first Grand Master, Altaïr is regarded as a hero by all, many of the Grand Masters who succeeded him believed that he had been the savior himself, or had fought alongside the other three elites for Hades to be defeated, many believe that Heracles is a madman for having prophesied such a thing, since according to Altair, the prophecy never was realized and Hades was defeated with the force of the 4 Elites alone. Altair used all his forces to kill anyone who preached the existence of Yeshua, and also said that the Zeus Thunder was destroyed by Hades during the final battle.

No one knows about Altair of Justice's curse.
No one human knows of the betrayal Altair of Justice has committed against Yeshua.
No one in the world knows what happened to the Zeus Thunder.


Altair had short blond hair and green eyes. He had the height and weight of a standard man in his 20s. He had a beautiful form and appears composed.

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