Azusa Patreon

As some of you know, we stoped selling Lifetime Subscriptions last month; its a way to thank everyone who helped the game development so far, letting only their accounts to become rare some day; again, would like to thank our over 80 lifetime subscribers! this game wouldn’t exist without you! However the game is facing alot of changes and improvements; and every day getting nearer to our main goal, that is to have the game officialy released in steam; And since alot of you know, I have been working in Azusa alone with casual helps from donations and our subscriptions for over 5 years, and you might imagine how hard and struggling it is to keep such a project going out of pure love and dedication; But now we are about to face some stages that my effort alone won’t be enough, since I need to make and design a decent marketing campaign before and after releasing the game, I am trying to save money and accepting every kind of helps toward that. For this reason, Azusa is starting a Patreon to try to help the funding on the game’s marketing campaigns and to give the project some stability; so to help to advertise our new Patreon, I decided to host a Lifetime Lottery! that will also give a chance for the players and fans who always helped the game, but couldn’t buy a lifetime to have a chance to grab one; The lifetime lotery will be hosted in BYOND community and second at Azusa facebook page; so keep up with those to know everything about the lottery. You can check the patreon page here: And know everything you need about each possible perk;The end of the downtime will start before the steam release with the version 1.0.8, there only subscribers, patron, people with credits or crowdfunders can play; this will be a final roleplay test server to make sure everything is working properly before the release that may happen in november/december 2018. So, considere becoming a patreon to help the game to launch and to get your chance into playing the game beforehands!