Pandora Update!

Hello! We have alot of news this month, as the game needs more contents it is another content update, if you are willing to have “more things to do” you will love it! But before we start, I would like to announce here the changes on the website! Now we are going to write the devlog in the website instead of BYOND forums; Also going to change the layout and colors to prepare for a future update, including fresh and objective guides like Armor Guides, Gods Guides, Race Guides, Skill Guides, Relics Guides, Dungeons Guides etc. But for now we have: Pandora! The first Demoniac subgod, (to become Pandora, you need to be a Demon;) Basically Pandora’s God power is diffrent from the other Gods, she doesn’t have followers; and she follows Hades. However she can create Pandora Boxes, a way to make a pact to someone, if someone that was a ex-guardian and died can open a pandora box and give Pandora +10 god power; However this will transform you into a Hades follower and revive your previous armor into a dark version of it; Pandora can help any Hades follower, as a backup for Hades army, she can also summon Dead people like hades do, and give cosmo, etc. But now Hades and Pandora can’t transform their followers, only give cosmo! (But its worth it) The addition of Dark armors will make the Hades army way more dynamic; (and also the game) so we have 17 new armors to explore! Also in this update when you die you can’t use your previous armors power anymore, the only way to get the skills back is through pandora’s boxes! Some skills changes if you are using a dark armor, its free for you to explore! Also we are adding the new Dungeon (Thanks to players helps), and a “Dungeon tier” style, the new Dungeon is called Minotaur Maze, however that dungeon location is inside the Deep Forest! So to get into the Maze you will have to first defeat the Queen Churanha; This makes the maze the “second tier” of Deep Forest! This new dungeon add 3 new enemies, Skeletons, Lord Skeletons and the boss Minotaur! We now have 2 new relics thanks to player helps, Purple Mask and Red Mask, wearing those will make you immune to Poison and Blood Draining! The other important change is about Logout NPCs; to avoid those people randomly killing logout NPCs without a proper reason (like, the said player not being inactive, etc.) I decided to make a “Logout NPC Killing toggle” So, when the toggle is off you can’t kill the player by simply killing his npc; So to kill some important rank through NPC you will need an actual admin authorisation. The last detail was the return of Armor Animations! Old players will remember that when wearing armors we used to have an animation, but that was removed long ago due to lag. Now I made an optmized version of it; So you guys can actually feel the hype on wearing your armors ;D New Aura/Cosmo! Since everyone complained about the winged aura when you transformed, I changed it; now we have those colors of auras: Pink (Athena), Blue (Poseidon), Yellow (Almighty), Purple (Hades/Pandora). Your aura color will be depending on your starting god, however in game you can change it, (To avoid metagamers, letting this clear: People can worship Athena and have a yellow aura!) Also made another roll of bugfixes, I want the future updates to fix those bugs, we are heading into a cleaner and more polished version of Azusa, so if you find any bugs try to report them properly! Lets get into the Update Log: Version 4.1 – December 2015 *New God: Pandora *New Relics: Pandora Box, Purple Mask, Red Mask *17 New Dark Armors *Added Minotaur Maze Dungeon Tier! *New Enemies: Skeleton, Skeleton Lord, and Boss Minotaur *Added Logout NPC Killing Toggle *New Armor Wearing Effects! *New Auras for transformation and armor wearings *Another roll of bugfixes!