Azusa v.0.2 (Beta) New Races, New Class systems, Armors, and more!

The second version of Azusa Beta is being released this week! For those active ingame, know that during the last month we had over 5 smaller and not described updates; thats how we are going to do now on; alot of small updates/changes and then, a big one changing the version and describing everything that changed in the last days; So; this update was made trying to make the game more presentable; fix bugs, and repair some gameplay flaws, balancing the game, and of course some new contents; The change to Azusa Beta made the game smaller, (map-wise) and we are working hard to rebuild everything fast as possible; lets start talking about the changes:
New Armors: Thanks to crowdfunders who helped; we have 3 new armors: Oyster armor: have a active skill that takes some amount of stamina and create a shield; that drains certain amount of damage; depending on your resistance and capped by your health; so health/res is your suggested build; Turtle armor works alike to scorpion, allowing it to have alot of good builds; but basically have the passive of turtle shield; making this the greatest armor against blasters; But I would still go in a endurance build; (since resistance is backed up by its shield) it would make turtle guardian a great tank; Bat armor; basically this one is a great melee/drainer; not just the passive blood draining skills; Bat armor can spin his arm-blades and attack everyone around him at the same time, draining blood from more targets at the same time! I would go with any melee build for this armor, so its main status is attack;Balancing: Alot of things changed status-wise in Azusa; and some underrated armors got a huge buff; Made speed status more important, since it was nearly useless comparing to attack/def. Nerfed max. dodge rate; from 90% to 60%. Increased deflection rates to normal blasts; Doubled Swordfish, Penguin, and Mantis buffs/debuffs Buffed Animal Calls; this includes Wolves skills to imitate part of its owner’s potential. Melee combat damage rate doubled; Decreased health/stamina gains from level up; Relics potential and custom relics can be editted by admins; Fixed Lizard’s Rampage; and Removed Cosmo Wave;New Features: We are everyday trying to locate Azusa’s flaws and try to fix them, not just bugs but on how to handle the roleplay better and make the game something fun for everyone to play and a nice place to be; So there are some huge changes on the gameplay in this version; basically we are remaking the class systems, trying to revive the game’s economy, making the players need each others more; And with this promote the roleplay and interactions;
New Class System: Now we have 3 basic starting class, that can’t be changed later game, basically these classes will define your gameplay direction; But don’t worry, new classes will be always added, the first 3 are the basic human ones: Civil, Masters and Fighters. And each class can learn a list of traits, and these traits will help you during your gameplay:FIGHTER traits increases the gains in each status; so learning all your fighter traits soon as possible will be verry good to your characters progress; these traits will increase +2 talent points to each status, at the end it is 16 extra talents! These defiantelly make fighters the best choice if you want to get stronger faster!MASTER traits are basically alike to fighters, but work the opposite; Masters are teachers, so each trait increase how fast your pupils will gain in said status while sparring you; CIVIL learn civilians traits, basically they are the only one able to learn the oldgame classes; and do basically every civilian job; this one ends up being the richest or most influent class in the game, since everyone needs to eat and need some place to live right? Civilians are basically our merchants; Not just that, we have diffrent classess to diffrent races; like the new race Lemurians can pick between Telekinetic; Cosmo Forger and Master; New Race, Lemurians: Based on saint seiya’s muvians, they are an ancient race gifted with better understanding of the universe and cosmic energy; they also are known to live way longer then a normal human, basically 300 years. Their wisdom makes it possible to be a cosmo forger, or a telekinetic;COSMO FORGER can learn traits that helps them to work with the cosmo inside objects; such as relics and armors, the first traits gets the basic human forge; then the ability to break relics to remove cosmo orbs from them, and then, place said cosmo in another item. When breaking a relic, you will receive 1/3 of its power; and to place that new power into another relic, you will need to sacrifice blood (someones own cosmo) equivalent to the power you are trying to forge; Later ingame, when armors become breakables, only an experient cosmo forge will be able to repair it.TELEKINETIC can learn traits that unlock their mental skills, starting from pushing/hurting enemies with mental power they can learn how to teleport and talk through telepathy!New Roleplay System: Remade completally our reward system, and to keep everything fair and players properly rewarded for roleplaying instead of grinding allday; we made an automatic rewarding system that is focused in reward roleplaying activity more then just texts; and find and tell admins suspicious abusers; if an admin find someone trying to abuse the reward system, said admin or roleplay master can “RP BAN” said person, and that person won’t receive automatic rewards untill he is unbanned; This automatic reward is to promote roleplaying without admins interferences; and, to reward everyone regardless of their timezone; The automatic reward system can always be turned off by the head admins too; So not just the reward system changed, but we have now 2 methods of reward; roleplay points or personal cap; as we know both been in, but the first one was completelly remade, so admins can pick wich kind of reward said person deserve in certain situation. Roleplay points now can be used as: 1- for 50 skill points (used to learn skills and traits) 1- for 20 intelligence (used at every civilian skills/traits) 5- to Level Up 10- to increase 50(xWorldGains) cosmo; 10- to master sixth sense; 15- to increase how fast you gain cosmo;
20- to master seventh sense; More uses will be added, and probably some may change!Other Changes: GalacticNUMBER Tournaments have been removed, there was no reason for them to exist anymore, since now we have way more armors then what we used to when they was idealized; now the tournament loop will be way faster; And keep in mind admins can turn tournaments off! Some other bugs about tournaments were also fixed; Skill points are back! These are used the same way as we used to call “rp points” back then; basically to learn traits and skills; and you earn them training, leveling up and doing quests; OOC name have been removed, now only player’s key will be shown at OOC chats and at who verb, unless you are an admin. This will help to keep who is angel and who is vassel a real secret now! Good luck metagamers! New Items: Keys! they can be used to set password on them, and later used to open doors/crates. This is basically to make houses and everything sellable without needing to tell the person said password, or for the person to memorize useless passwords; So now you can even sell houses at a custom npc! Fixed annoying bugs about farmer seeds! Head admins can turn on/off Gods at player creation, without needing someone actually playing said god Made a training skill; while sparring in training mode, you deal half the damage and don’t knockout the player (it will KO npcs) Made Admin logs public, to view admin’s actions and possible abuses just make a macro to the verb: “Read-Admin-Log”
Keep in mind if you find any bugs or suggestion report them at Azusa’s discord: And we also updated the crowdfund list with 2 extra armors, Reaper of Damnation and Ordinary of Bear! check it out: And finally the english official roleplay server will be back up in the next 48 hours, so keep your eyes at the hub!