New Maps, Clothes and Hairs!

Before we start, this update will list the changes in january and february;
Are we staring at the other side of ocean?! Yes we are ;D A great part of the newland is opened and ready to be explored and built! What new citys are we going to see in this new area?

Also wanted to post a real map of the game, so you could see the area size, its bigger then the entire desert :O The second part will be ready in the next updates

The last tribute to the classic reference that motived us to create Azusa, the Swan armor was created, reference to the canonic Cygnus armor; And its skill is Ice Dust; based on force spams a barrage of cold blasts!

And the long waited Gemini and Cancer armors were added! Also two Marine armors are in, Atlantic and Pacific; Gemini manipulates the other dimension, its a skill that allows him to create portals, similar to Jails of Lie, but the Other dimension is a dangerous enviroment filled with huge fireballs going in all directions, if you are hit there, no matter how strong you are, you will be badly damaged and sent back to the beginning of the dimension; If you are able to reach the exit you will re-appear in a completelly different location on the real ralm, this place is choosen by the Gemini armor, this skill can also be used by Gemini to have the best escape in the game so far, who would dare to follow him? Atlantic Marine is a very offensive golden armor, also based in force it can conjure strong whirls called Denial of Seas; trust me, you don’t want to be hit by that; Pacific Marine uses a mixture of offensive and defensive skill, he can trap the enemies in a votex also dealing a decent amount of damage.

Also, we have a huge list of new clothes and hairs! Thanks to the help of players that helps and donates icons to Azusa: Murilo and Athreyu helped alot by iconing a pack of new hairs, clothes and more! Some changes at the creation window will be noticed by oldbies, as now we can pick our skin color! (finally) Beside all of those cool additions, the update was around bug fixing, alot, alot of bugs were fixed; some could be abusable and others were just annoying. More admin verbs and some gameplay changes, mainly at the PVP server: Now players won’t lose stats for dying, lets make the PVP a little more active 😀 About the Roleplay Server, we are starting with this update the Great War of year 1200! Some changes were made to balance the gameplay and the catch up of the game, Since we now have players 600 years old and more, I decided to make the gains slowlier for people with higher status, depending on the amount of status you have, slowlier you will gain, this way Immortals will -want- to go into a new generation… Remember the Amount of Generations you played is still the best way to catch up in the game, and also the best way to progride as well!; No matter how strong your previous chars were, as long as you roleplay, you will end up becoming strong enough to be a hero! I hope you enjoy, and comment ;D