Azusa v.0.5 (beta) New Rank System, Training Methods, Status and more

Welcome to the update log for v.0.5! Its an unusual update, with alot of important new things that changes everythings; the idea was to actually fix Azusa’s gameflow, roleplay flow and basically how the game could end up boring too fast and with that killing all the roleplay; Well, the previous version didn’t have the usual sub-versions as we always do; I am sorry with that, and it means this update log is smaller then the usual 🙁 I can also explain that, well, this update required -alot- of time writting down stuffs toward Azusa’s game design and point down their flaws and repair them; keep in mind the focus in this update is to repair the gameplay and make Azusa a fun game to play, and good enough to deliver you the perfect roleplaying experience in this universe; Well, with that said, lets get into the features changes;New Status

Most of the new status are there as hidden features; as they are not meant to be checkable by players, but knowing and understanding them will help you alot in the game; Most important one is Cosmo Mastery; It was created to, basically add a secundary catch up system to Azusa, theres the global soft cap system, but this one works more toward character relevance, lets say, even while you are under the soft cap, being trained by the strongest mortal on earth will help you even more to get stronger and surpass the others; This was inspired alot by my old and long gone favorite rp games, basically you raise your Cosmo Mastery by doing everything, and can also increase through RP points, and Cosmo Mastery will define your Cosmo Gain; so even if you are capped you can still keep raising your cosmo Mastery and with that, continue increasing (or keeping) your cosmo gain rate. But, don’t forget its a status thought for catching up, so yeah, fighting or rping alot with players with higher Cosmo Mastery then yours, will increase your CM very quickly depending on who youre rping with; and you can catch up to him easily up to 90% his CM. (So even if you train alot a kid, he won’t simply surpass your CM rate that easily, you will just help him alot by being strong faster;) CM are actually a great reward method given to people who pair villains and do real roleplay battles; as the CM catch up rate increases as you are beaten by way stronger villain, and so on; RP active players will tend to have CM rate way higher then people that only afk trains. CM rates are yet to be tested, reworked, redistributed as the further wipes shows the needs, so its a hidden status that admins keep track and, will decide me to balance it as it show to be needed; CM will also help everyone to have a more dynamic cosmo, more then just what we are used to, kids training cosmo super fast and once youre old, if you didnt train cosmo, youre fucked. Now CM works as a method for old people to keep progriding after oldages; Another one is Training Mastery; I will explain more about the new training methods ahead, but now keep in mind, the new Azusa has 3 training cathegories, and each cathegory has their own mastery; Better your character is at doing it faster his concentration levels for active training will raise, allowing you to raise your gains multipliers as the concentration goes on; And the last one, but not completelly hidden is Element Control; While using the half Afk Meditation training method, (you will know more about them) you can increase your elemental control, depending on where you are; each map allows certain elements to be trained and they won’t be revealed at first, You can check your element control in your character window; and the Element Control of your cosmos will raise the damage dealed by your elemental skills;Training Methods

Time to talk about those, mainly because training in Azusa is completelly diffrent now; And I would like to start this by stating the problems on the previous training systems; I always liked allowing people to play the game in a half afk way, to watch their youtube videos while progriding in the game, mainly because it is a PC game and, well, we (atleast I do)like to multitask alot while using PC. But, the half afk training methods of Azusa have killed so many wipes that it was time to discuss about them, and here we are, these training methods made the game cycle boring and most of times when you are around searching for people to roleplay with, they were all afk. And, slowly, every wipe died out of roles to play. And even worse, new players when visited Azusa, readed the guide, and said “Oh, this is how we get strong? T and wait? I dont want to wait. *quits*” All of these were huge problems, killed our active playerbase and our new players; SOoo… Discussing with the playerbase at our discord channel alot by this last months, we decided to remove the half afk training methods, all of them, from the early game; Its not possible anymore to use them unless you learn them as you progride in the game; So you start only able to progride by sparring, fighting, etc; and of course, roleplaying. As you meet someone stronger or a veteran person that knows a secret training method, this person can teach you (after roleplaying properly) one of the SIX (yet) training methods in the game; Each of these training methods do something special beside just “raising your status”, and each of them will raise 3 status, one main and two secundary; Wait up, the half afk methods still exist in the game, but they aren’t better then the others, so if you are like me, more of the multitasker player, you can still do your stuffs, but just play the game a little enough okay? Give it some effort into roleplaying beside just afk getting stronger! K? K. Now, explaining the methods, they are organized in 3 cathegories:

Meditate Cathegory: Meditate (half afk)

Main stat: resistance Secondary stats: Force, Health (This method can increase your Elemental Control depending on where you are!)Cosmic Slumber (active) main status: Stamina? Secondary status: Health, speed (Reaching concentration level 5 at this will send you to the dream world; there you will keep concentration level 2 and be able to do other training methods, like spar a friend or do half afk training methods with the 2x gains)Float (active) main stat: Force Secondary Stat: Resistance, Stamina (Reaching concentration level 10 at this method will allow you to use the revert waterfall skill, a skill that can throw your oponent up and as they fall, they can get the dizzy effect)

Shadow Spar Cathegory: Dual (active)

main stat: Speed Secondary: attack, defense (Reaching concentration level 10 at this method with your friend, will give you both a syncrony skill, that when used together in battle will grant you both an extra AP, so, power of friendship!)Shadow Spar (half afk) Main stat: str secondary stat: speed, endurance (This training method grants you the most Skill Points gain rate)

Cosmo Training Cathegory: Charge Cosmo(half Afk)

Main stat: Endurance secondary stat: stamina, health (This method will let you learn and train your Sixth and Seventh sense mastery) Now to explain how most active training method works, when you start it a concentration bar will appear under your character and a concentration level will be displayed over it; and a shadow will appear only for you showing a direction, press that direction key in time to continue training, and as you succeed the concentration bar will increase; Everytime you level up your concentration your Training Mastery will increase to that cathegory; higher TM faster your bar will fill and you will be able to reach higher levels;Dreams and Nightmares

Two new dimensions were created, they connects every other dimension in Azusa universe and going there is actually pretty complicated; the most known method to go there is through alot of concentration and then, sending your quonscience there you can meet other people’s dream all around the universe; this place is usefull to deliver message to dead friends, or even warn people of something about to come; It all depend on the roleplay but, keeping your quonscience inside the dreams/nightmare dimmension isn’t that easy; the technique of doing that is called Cosmic Slumber; and is reached through an active training and you need to concentrate up to lvl 5; There are ways to be sent to the dream/nigthmare dimensions physically but they are very dangerous and rare; Nightmare world is covered with very strong monsters and every dream can become a nightmare! So use these dimension wisely!Quests and Guides

The quest system were outdated and didn’t make sense after all the changes Azusa have made after the years; and it is being completelly remake, it will now work as guides in diffrent sections; The custom quests will be made and distributed from players to players; But while they are being reworked the quests will be locked untill everything is done; Meanwhile the guides to each of these sections have been updated at the website; So take your time to read about them even if you considere an Azusa pro player, alot of things have changed and it may be helpfull to know about them: More guides and pages are being written; and a whole new section to the website is being made, the lore section will show and explain every story related details to Azusa universe and its background stories;New Rank System

Okay before I explain this one, gotta talk a little about its reasons; Ranks always been a very important feature on Azusa, mainly to make the global Roleplay move and the story progride; however Ranks has also always been a huge problem at Azusa, as players pick ranks and quit them, and the huge effor that it is for the Admins to decide on who to give the said ranks, and how long it usually take for all of that to be decided; and ranks to be replaced etc. It have always been a mess; and its also one of the main reasons on why the Global Roleplay on Azusa dies fast and, wellp, the game becomes boring and pointless to play; Well, with all of that in mind the new Rank system were designed to remove alot of stuffs from admins shoulder, and make the playerbase depend less on admins decisions on these stuffs, allowing them to decide if they should or shouldn’t be roleplaying said ranks; The game mechanics should be the one deciding if said player could or couldnt; Admins should be the ones deciding if said players should keep or shouldnt keep being able to play ranked roles or not, giving them RP or Rank bans when needed; Let me explain how the new Rank System will work: Admins can create Rank Boxes, and place them as they choose; its something organized and discussed with the admins as a new time skip starts; The admins control everything toward the ranks, creating new ones or deleting old ones, also they set the ranks names, the Reqs. for the ranks and what kind of items and perks the said rank will get, and also can decide if said rank will start with one of the training methods, and wich training method it will be; And so on; Admins can keep track of wich players have picked wich ranks, and with that rank ban said player and remove the rank from said player, or even delete the rank once for all; Once a rank is created, the rank box will stay there for everyone willing to get it, when opening a rank box a window showing the RANK RULES will appear, the rules are set by the admins and you must be sure to follow them when getting a ranked role; then, another window will appear showing the said RANK DESCRIPTION; there the admins have written everything you should know about the rank you are about to try, like its dutys and expected personalities etc; read them carefully! If you readed everything a prompt will ask if you readed and will agree with them, if you do, the reqs. for the rank will be displayed; reqs usually are:Total Roleplay Point (this one is always needed), So you need to have roleplayed and developed your character untill a certain point before getting said rank;Level (some ranks will need this), so we keep track of a minimum amount of expected power for said ranks;God (some ranks will need this), some ranks requires you to follow a certain god to be able to follow its expected personalities etc;Class (some ranks will need this), some rank dutys require you to do certain things that only certain classes can do; Once you fill every req and accept the rank rules and description you will be set as said rank, and it will be yours responsability to generate roleplay according to said rank; the Rank list will be updated (the one you can check thorugh the RP button on your hud); and the rank box will disappear for 80 Years; After 80 years, the rank will open again and will be ready for the next player interested in playing it; Keep in mind admins can re-open these rank boxes by removing someone’s rank at anytime; This system allow the admins to control the ranks better, and the way it is automatic, make it so players doesnt need to bug and wait for someone to answer/accept their applications, making it more confortable for everyone; But keep in mind, not being a good rper and getting a rank can result in RP Ban and Rank Bans! So, if youre not confident enough, don’t go for ranks!Seventh Sense Seventh sense was re-designed; and again lets explain the reasons here; In Old Azusa, there was no reason to walk around with your cosmo hidden; and everyone as soon as they get seventh sense simply power up all the way and stay there forever, and with that, strong ppl are insanely strong and thatsit, battles are linear as stronger players wins; AND this enraged me alot, because I feel like I am the only one that actually only show my true power when needed; Well, with that in mind it was time to re-design the seventh sense; because even while playing villain or hero, Its fun to have well developed villains (or heroes) that work something similar to freeza; causing problem to people without the need of revealing his full power; and just revealing it if needed (even if doing that almost got him killed multiple times); So, now players will have a real reason to do that, and, with this I hope to see better developed characters exploring these functions; Something like Vegeta is always alert and its kinda bad, and Goku is always relaxed and its also kinda bad logic will be in; (I am using dragonball examples here, but saint seiya examples would also work) So, now you can’t use seventh sense to power down during a combat; and when you use it to power up, you will spend an Action Point; However, when you power up during the combat your Health will increase. So, lets say, you start a battle with 2 cosmo, (means you can power up 100%) and someone takes you down to 10% health, you can power up to 50%, and your health will be at 60%; and so on; aka, 100% power up heals 100% health. Use the seventh sense wisely! Also, since powering down is a thing, I have also improved the Sixth Sense to display the power gap between you and the others; so you can before enganging in a combat, to power down to a level close to your enemies to get the best advantages on the regaining health for seventh sense, and don’t be instantly knocked out for being too relaxed;
TLDR This update is all about changing the gameflow and fixing flaws that commonly resulted the game RP to die fast; rework at training methods; new status for easier catch up; new rank system and more are the main changes;