Azusa v1.2.0 New Travel System, Maps, new Armors and more!

This is one of the biggest contents update Azusa have so far, mainly because it also brings the introduction of a completely new gameplay and system. The travel system was re-designed and made to fix a lot of roleplaying issues the game had, toward organizing the characters positionings in the game’s world, without breaking other parts of the game fun, now we won’t have people simply afking for 4 hours to cross the whole world. We need more RP! Not more AFK! Keep in mind the system was just introduced, and new contents will be constantly added to it, such as vehicles and other methods to travel faster;
Fixed a bug with the game’s objects recycle systems.Fixed the bugs with Monkey King skills.Fixed a bug that made people get damage from their own fields.Fixed a bug with field skills disappearing earlier than it should.Fixed a bug with character creation regarding to unlock Angels.Fixed a bug with Demons monster forms offset.Fixed a bug with Lemurians and Kappas Generation AgesFixed a list of bugs with Grab skill
Gameplay Changes:
New Travel System, not based in Afk Time.External Minimap for travel interactionsCommon Zones, areas for roleplay, resource gathering and events between maps.Custom Common Zones, now can be created by admins at runtime, allowing for huge map expansions, events and trials.Custom Common Zones can be displayed only for players with certain Trial IDsBumping another player in Minimap will make both stop in the actual Common Zone.Angel and Demon teleport now takes them back to their last Minimap position.Vigor is used as resource in order to travel in the Minimap.Running out of Vigor will make you stop in the actual Common ZoneAdventurers Heart perk makes you use less Vigor while traveling in Minimaps.Some small animals drop a vegetable.Trial Keys can now drop from common NPCs, depending on Trial IDs or luck, set by admins at runtime.RPP obtained during NG changed from 10% to 20%.Boosted strength-based damages in melee combat.Removed the multi-keying shields.Remade the Patreon ingame systems.Added a Patreon Window interface.You can now get rid of Grab by pressing directional keys.Perks can now be removed by using 40 RPPs, only usable once.Necromancy usages now check if the player wants to be summoned.Changed the Song Intro volume.Changed the Song Intro starting notes.Sending Admin Help in game sends also a message to Admins at the game discord.Reviewed RP hour system and Solo RP rewarding.Demon monster forms now differs the icon depending on the player level.Removed the Death OOC message for non-Admins.Getting first training method with 5 RPP now also lets you obtain (with luck) the active trainings as well.Event Masters now also have the option to break bones in the Inflict-Effect command for events.Changed Zodiac Aries appearance.Added new Zodiac Guardian armor: Virgo.Added new Marine Guardian armor: Indigo.Added new Earth Guardian armor: Macropus (Kangaroo)Added new Water Guardian armor: Mysticeti (Whale)Added new Thunder Guardian armor: Pavo (Peacock)Added new Wind Guardian armor: Rattus (Rat)Added new Wind Guardian armor: Lepus (Rabbit)Added new Wind Guardian armor: Pantherae (Panther)Added new Earth Guardian armor: Artiodatile (Deer)Added new Fire Guardian armor: Camelus (Camel)Added new Earth Guardian armor: Chamaeleo (Chameleon)Added new Wind Reaper armor: Ignorantia (Ignorance)Removed Old-Man and Dreads from Funders only hairs to public.Added new Male Hair: EmoAdded new Male Hair: Soft EmoAdded new Male Hair: Long PopularAdded new Male Hair: Long Messy PopularAdded new Male Hair: Male BraidAdded new Male Hair: Straight UpAdded new Male and Female Hair: Long UnisexAdded new Male Hair: Long Old-ManAdded new Female Hair: Clumsy SidesAdded new Relic: Sea HelmetAdded new Relic: Virgin HelmetAdded new Relic: Indigo HelmetAdded new Relic: Spartan HelmetAdded new Relic: Caim ArmsAdded new Relic: Tiger RobesAdded new Relic: Bear RobesAdded new Relic: Pumpkin HeadAdded new Relic: Glove ClawsAdded new Relic: Cursed SwordAdded new Relic: Laureal WreathAdded new Relic: TempestAdded new Relic: RhaastAdded new Relic: ThunderousAdded new Relic: VillettaRoses Relics can now be changed with right click to be worn in the mouth.New Outfit Item: CigarettesNew Outfit Item: Black Swim GearNew Outfit Item: Black Short GloveNew Outfit Item: Long SocksNew Outfit Item: Long Black RobeNew Outfit Item: StripesChanged Outfit Item: Cape
In-game Roleplays:
Almost 400 years of story passed since the Release! A lot of things happened in both servers, but, Brazilian server have a lot of story progression that can always be readed here. Meanwhile we have been trying to keep English player-base equally active, and recently the Grand Master of Heracles have declared his main goal wich is to restore the Temple of Zeus’ to its former glory, by finding lost artifacts that may have belonged to the temple in the past. Researches and archeological missions have been started! However darker presences lurks around the ancient city, getting the most advantages of it! Come join the game and be part of the story!
Final Notes:
First I would like to thank everyone that helped me with this content update, patreons and also the great artists: Arinemaii, AshuraMakyuuseiZoro, Bird of Hermes, JanosAuron, Zorbow. Thank you guys! The travel system may be complicated and difficult at start, but keep in mind we are going to have ways to move faster in the minimap! So don’t worry! Also would like to thank our Patreons to helping the game’s development!