Azusa v.0.4 (Beta) Asgard, Elemental Cosmo, Perks and more

Finally releasing the v.0.4.0 of our beta! I will try to be fast here, cuz as most of you already know I am pretty late with this update (12 days to be exact) But, here we are! The focuses on this update was to make the big changes now, all at once, so I can start focusing only at the bugfixes and contents to move foward a complete stable version of Azusa, so its basically our first step to the future of the game;Elemental Skills

This is the main part of this update, and what made me take so long working at this release; the Elemental Cosmos and skills are here to improve alot the character customization, and adds a huge variation from players to players, even if they are using the same build and same armors; So pay attemption at these details and start thinking on the best combination + build you will use in your next character! To make an elemental skill, you must combine your COSMO ELEMENT, with your ARMOR ELEMENT; you will be able to choose your cosmo element when you reach level 5; the elemental window will appear showing you the possible combinations and what status your elemental skill will be based off; So pick wisely! To know your armor element, check the tournament arena topic; You will learn your elemental skill at lvl 20

We use the elemental schemes of Saint seiya; but I never wanted Azusa strategy to be simply based off pokemon style, (water beats fire etc); But the advantages on each elements would be how their skills actually works; so you could combine the mechanic of said skill to your armors mechanic and get the best use of it; So, with that in mind, we are not having elemental disvantages (in a clear way) as pokemon, however we are adding elemental INCOMPATIBITY; so, if you have WATER cosmo for example, don’t pick a Fire armor, it will result in incompatible element and you won’t develop your elemental skill. To find the incompatible elements, its basically the nearest elements of that elemental circle, but the compatibilities are also shown ingame;

Here is the list of the 10 possible elemental combinations and its damage status;*Fire + Thunder = force = Fire Storm, creates 5 random lighting strikes that leaves fire fields; if hits someone, a big damage is dealed;*Fire + Earth = resistance = Meltdown; creates a surrounding field of lava, entering it haves a great chance of burn based off yours res;*Water + thunder = attack = Aurora Lightning; a 5 tiles lightning strikes forward, some snow effects, and chance to freeze; lower chance to freeze fire users with higher forc; higher chance to freeze if penguin skill is active (frozen aura);*water + wind = speed = Hurricane; creates randomly placed imobile hurricanes that drags near people inside ’em; and dealing minor damage over turns ticks*earth + wind = strength = Piercing Pillars; create 5 random big boulders that falls from the sky;*fire + fire = force = Burnout; creates a 3 tiles foward of fire attacks, doesnt leave fire field but have a chance on burning; less chance on burn against water users with higher res or forc*water + water = def = Geyser; hits in a linear direction 4 times, each per tile, and once it hits someone, it throws the person to the next tile dealing damage at him again and again;*earth + earth = endurance = Earthquake; creates a crater that drags foes 4 tiles away near to you, dealing damage when the mob is close enough;*thunder + thunder = resistance = Thunder Wave; creates a wave of energy around you that goes to the directionals dealing damage;*wind + wind = attack = Gale Fist; hits 3 tiles to your adjacent direction (near 3 tiles), and throws the foes away.Light and Darkness These two elements are called in Azusa “Ultras”; it works as a third element; and you get it by reaching the Golden armor levels; (with elitefy, or obtaining a golden armor) And you can use the Ultra element to combine with one of yours normal to create an ultra skill; For example, you built Wind + Earth, you can decide if you are getting your ultra skill as Wind+Light or Earth+Light; However the ultra skills aren’t getting in this version, but will be in probably at the v.0.4.2 or something;Tournaments Arenas!

To improve the roleplaying immersion, the tournament systems were remade, and instead of people teleporting from everywhere to attend a tournament; now we have actual arenas placed around the world: *Water Arena: Asgard *Fire Arena: Desert *Wind Arena: North of Heracles *Thunder Arena: Heracles *Earth Arena: Bottom of Sanctuary The changes at tournament and armors doesnt stop there, now you wont be able to tell wich armor you are going to fight for, untill you actually win said tournament; each arena holds a group of possible armors wich are: *Fire: Scorpion, Eagle; *Water: Penguin, Swan, Oyster, Turtle, SwordFish; *Earth: Rhinoceros, Spider, Praying Mantis, Koala; *Wind: Bat, Fox, Owl, Horse, Wolf; *Thunder: Flamingo, Serpent, Lizard, Lion; To join a tournament a minimal amount of total roleplay points is required; so only players that have been through a certain amount of character development can obtain an armor; its required 20 total rpps (doesnt mean you need to save 20 rpps, but the total rpp you ever obtained in that char); These changes were made to improve the immersion to the early game at Azusa, as kids will be escorted by adults to train at diffrent regions around the world, as they probably wouldnt survive traveling said distances alone; and there be trained by other roleplayers and masters untill they become a guardian; Of course other methods to obtain your guardian armor are still ingame, such as events, ranks, etc. Tournaments are announced only to the players at the same map as the arenas! So traveling away from the arena you want to participate, will probably result at you missing the tournament!Asgard!

This is a map and some extra visual content and packs to the game, to finally add the long gone Asgard lands to the game; two new maps covered by snow and ice are waiting the new explorers, polar bears are back to the game and some extra buildable variations like tents (and tents covered with snows) and fireplaces, etc to give the roleplayer even better emersion to the game;Perks!

Noticed these 2 extra slots at your screen corner? Well that means good shit! Azusa now have a perks systems, but first let me explain them; In a roleplaying game, mainly at Azusa world, sometimes we want to develop our character and get ourselves some out of the meta skills, or characteristics the game mechanic would be impossible to give; for example, I wanted my character to be brave, but I wanted that to actually give me some perks in battle, for example, my brave char wanted to get up after being knocked out and keep fighting for his friends; but, well, that would require an admin authorisation atleast; and I would just end up giving up on using my bravery as a combat perk; But now, with a perk system everything is more organized, and the perks are used as these “admin authorisations” to do things we normally wouldn’t be able to mechanically; Admins can customize perks and give them to great roleplayers, or even give the canonic ones; Canonic Perks are usually made with already programmed features, like the ones I will list here; But keep in mind perk isn’t something that easy to get, you can indeed get a perk fitting to your char due to its great development etc from an admin, but to get it mechanically you would have to spend some roleplaying points and have some luck; *5 roleplay points for 10% chance roll at a random perk. *X% chance on getting a random perk at New Generation (X being your generation count) You only have 2 perk slots, and you can indeed be unlucky to roll the same perk twice, that means you only developed in your life, 1 perk. And yes, perks are very rare! A wise usage of perks can result on combat victory or even epic roleplays! Here is the list of the current canonized perks:*Imperial Devil; When someone is hit by imperial devil, this one will be given an order, this order will brainwash the person and it will become his new profile lifetime objective, this person will be set free of imperial devil only when he kills someone. To hit the imperial devil technique, your current pot/cosmo must be 2 times higher then the victim’s, and the user must KO the person. (When you use the perk this information will be shown, as so as both, the victm and user’s pot/cosmo and if the usage succeeded or not)*Phantom Nightmare; When someone is hit by a technique that deals 10+ damage, and the user activate the perk; the Phantom nightmare will show the victm his worse fears, and make him have the worse living nightmare; if in combat this will result 1-10 turns loss, the person affected must rp the scene of his worse nightmare, skip the amount of turns, and the user will ICly know his fears; this perk can only be used ONCE per victm; (When you use this perk, this information will be shown, a dice will roll telling the amount of turns the victm must jump)*Phoenix Born; When in limbo, if a person uses this perk, he will be sent to the vulcano map, and won’t be able to leave there ICly for 2 years; but this will avoid the person to die or lose status due to injuries (even head cutten off) etc; this skill won’t work at oldage death, if the person is killed again inside the vulcano, he will have to use the perk again, and this will make him wait another two years; (Using this at limbo will place you at the vulcano, After using this perk, if you find the person who killed you ICly, you must RP explaining what happened and show the perk)*Burning Heart; This perk allows you to always get up and try again, when you are knocked out, and get up you keep 50% of your stamina, letting you get back into the battle, however beware, your health will still be low; but this perk gives you a passive to always have an extra 20% chance at rolling a cosmo explosion, a burning heart never gives up, and with this have a chance to burn his cosmo and defeat the strongest foes;(When you use this perk, this information will be shown,you must use it and RP explaining why you are getting up after being knocked out. This perk doesn’t work for run aways)*Being used to poison, by living with it made your own blood poisonous, while heavy poison runs through your veins you became not just resistent to most poison, but your own blood is deadly; (When you use this perk, this information will be shown, it removes any poison effect from you, and if theres a foe standing at any bloodnearby, it will poison the foe)*Weakspot; This perks increases your combat techniques rate by 10%, however if you are hit in your weakspot, the effects of the enemy’s rate are increased by 10% aswell. (You don’t need to use this passive perk, it can be a secret, however if you want to show it, the informations will be shown aswell)*Pure Hearted; While your corruption is under 10%, this perk allows you to detect evil persons, or bad intentioned persons around you;(When you use this perk, this information will be shown aswell as your current corruption, the victm will have to anser in IC OOC to you, if he has bad intentions or not, In character the user will know it.)*Detective: Due to huge inteligence and interrogation experiences, this player developed a huge ability to detect when someone is lying. (When this perk is used, its information will be shown, if the user’s inteligence is higher then the victm’s, the victm will have to respond in IC OOC if his character is lying or not. the user will know ICly if it was a lie.)*Medic: After roleplaying decently, this character can help other players knocked out to get up, and ready to continue fighting. (When this perk is used, the victm can rest and go back to the battle, only if the victm was knocked out. User can’t use this at himself)*Steady Heartbeat: The ability to control your heart beats and keep your body from aging. (This perk when activated, keeps you in a very weak form (cant wear armors or relics, and have 1 pot always while using it) and while this is activate, you age 1 year every 150 year; The player can activate it again only in another 2 year)*Divine Privation:Due to a huge cosmo similar to the gods, this character developed a technique so powerfull that it is capable to destroy the foe’s 5 senses. (When this perk is active, and the victim gets damaged over 15, he will lose a sense (will lose 1/5th of your actual cosmo); the victm must roleplay from that point ahead with the loss of said sense; to get the sense (and cosmo) back, only through learning or using seventh sense or exploding cosmo)*Multiclass: Due to proficiency on multi-tasking you managed to change your class during your lifetime.(When this perk is activated, this description is shown) Keep in mind these are the canonic perks, and they were made based off perks seen on the classic anime we take references from; but an admin can create a perk as a IC authorisation for said character to be able to do said thing; keep in mind there are perks rules, wich usually are: “Perk rules: Only use a perk once per battle Unless youre Medic or Burning Heart Perk rules: Not obbeying a perk, can get you RP banned” Report people to admins breaking these rules and lets see the Azusa roleplay get to a whole new level!New Armors!

Owl (Wind) and Damnation (Fire) are finally open to the public, thanks to the crowdfunders that helped the game; Leodrake, HolyCalvin, Draval, King Destroyer Damnation is a reaper armor, with fire element, its skill called Bow of Rebelion casts dark fire arrows that leaves a line of dark fire fields; dealing massive amount of damage. Suggested build: Strength. Owl uses his eyes to cast a confusion spell on the opponent, when the foe is staring at the same direction, from 6 tiles away, the foe may fall under the spell and get dizzy, his screen will rotates as his movements will get confused; the duration of confusion depends on how strong the owl user are; Suggested build: Attack.TimeSkip Well, I had to made a new concept of timeskip to make this update possible; this update changed alot of core mechanism in Azusa that would eventually result in a wipe; since I promiced a never wiping Azusa, I had to re-think a diffrent method to timeskip: A timeskip that forces everyone to go to a new generation; This way people won’t lose their previous generations, and we won’t need a wipe! Basically everyone that was born before the timeskip year, will NG. (being immortal or not); Keep in mind these aren’t the usual timeskips that we just edit the current year; its a diffrent one more radical; Both official servers will receive one of these timeskips; so get your stuffs ready for a whole new adventure in a whole new generation! (Keep in mind maps doesn’t wipe, and story continues!) Fight for the future with the shadow of your past generations <3 (poetry moment)BugFixes As always, a big list of bugfixes and bugfix attempts; keep in mind to always report a bug even if you already did, report again cuz I usually think they have been fixed while they didnt! Also I dont remember everybugs I fix, cuz there are so many so just because a bug isnt listed here, doesnt mean it wasnt fixed <3 *fixed underground stairs: teleporting to wrong undergrounds, and updating them not updating both floors; *fixed farm items: now if you end up with 0 farm item, u can drop em and it will disappear *fixed angel/demon vessel bugs: a bug where you swapped its names, added vessel loss for oldage (you lose the vessel link after 80 years of its existence) (keep in mind this isnt simply vesssel death, you lose that vessel, being a dead vessel is something demons have); added way to automatically be able to create a new vessel after 250 years of its birth. fixed bugs related to angel ultimates (revealing wings didnt let you rest even after going back to spiritual form) *fixed Display icon for custom gods; also added a way to delete a custom god (so we could fix ARIES to ARES) *fixed Deflection related bugs: wellp, deflected blasts won’t get blasts from the pools anymore, will create a new blast to avoid problems like we used to; *fixed cosmo orb plane; yeah it was mixing its plane with the darkness; *fixed hardworker trait; *fixed contact; added a dumbshield to the contact skills by gods tab; those didnt have a dumbshield and ppl ended up always using it multiple times before the skill was used, creating multiples contacts forms *fixed creates; they were opening after reboot; nerfed snake; actually the only change was it now takes 10% of your total stamina, aka, you can use the skills 10 times only in a battle. added new options to rpp usage; this is to promote roleplaying and help catch up.TLDR Welcome back to Azusa, alot of new skills and perks promice a very dynamic character development; new maps biomas, elemental combinations, bugfixes; tournaments at physical locations around the world; improved possible battle strategy; Reworking the game guides; adding more guides And more; Update will be ready at official servers later tonight or tomorrow morning! Dont forget to download and follow Azusa at gamejolt; Visit our website for guides and more: Join our discord channel; Follow our facebook page; And invite your friends! Lets make Azusa Great Again!