Azusa v.0.3 (Beta) Custom Gods, Dungeons, Saint seiya and more

Finally the v.0.3 is here! And I gotta say that we have alot to talk this time.. This update is huge; biggest one since the beta, and in this topic goign to explain every changes from 0.2 to this one; so let us pull up a chair, as Inutaishos proudly presents… (v0.2.1-v0.2.5)Rework at RPPs usage and Catch up systems!

The roleplay points usage have been re-thinked and balanced through alot of small updates, but the main deal with it was to make the game overally more balanced so we could have a never-wiping game! And, it worked out great; Now in this new Azusa, the time flows again, naturally and progressively, and when you create your character you can start as a kid, and keep in mind he will one day die of old ages, letting you play a new generation and continue progressing through the ages; The catch up ratings on Azusa are now fair, as in every player that (ofc plays constantly) can have his time of glory, being insanelly powerfull, but will infact be someday surpassed. Everyone can be strong once, and everyone will be surpassed once; this thanks to how the global cap are adjusted to the alive/active playerbase. This have been tested during the last month, and I assegure you the game never been this stable/balanced, as for the first time we have a wipe running straight for 3 month! This means, we don’t plan to ever wipe, as the game flows by itself being easier to get stronger when there are strong people, and each generation may get stronger then the previous, but if they don’t, the cap will just lower making it fair and balanced!Training changes Everything changed as alot of new concepts were added to the game, but briefly afk trainings methods drains less stamina.Corruption The corruption concept was made to track war-viollence from people, a person with 100% corruption doesnt mean he is evil, just mean that he have seen violence through the war, of course the purest hearted hero can have 100% corruption. To raise your corruption just Knock out mobs or players with the same or lower corruption then your current, to check a mobs/player corruption use sixth sense. This is used in many Roleplay decisions, such as Hades can only kill on earth people with 50%+ corruption.Growth System As I mentioned before, you can start playing as a kid, but that indeed affects your build/gains. When you grow from kid to teen, your actual cosmo is multiplied to 1.5x Then again when you are adult, your actual cosmo is multiplied again to 2x Keep in mind every race are affected by growth the SAME WAY to keep the game balanced; everyone have the same training time while playing as a kid and this also apply to the decay that happens around year 60. When you reach year 60, no matter what race you are, your current cosmo is divided by 2; if you are immortal you can just continue training forever from that point, but if you want, everyone can play a next generation after their character reaches year 60.

Wars and Backups Backup in fights always been in Azusa, but now they are more relevant. I am talking about Guardians NPCs that are called by strong plaeyrs to aid their god in combat; Guardian NPCs now can be used to take some area to their god, these NPCs will kill! any person following a rival god so avoid dumbly going to a place you shouldn’t be ICly, these npcs will kill you! You can call up to 5 guardians/reapers when you reach level 20. These npcs now saves in map. Gods can ask admins to change their wars, for example if God make an alliance with Poseidon, their npcs wont attack eachother nor other players; And so on; This was made to give players freedom to actually affect the world more then just train and grind, taking back a city for your friends is an actual thing and your actions now indeed affects the game as it should! Its a war!!NPCs AI in batttle Most known bugs to NPCs AI in battle were fixed, have fun reporting new ones!Fighting Styles and Masters! This is one of the biggest change during the v0.2.x; Fighting styles helps the fight and builds to be even more dynamic, not to mention it helps the tactic battle system to make better sense. The fighting styles are: Combo (makes you act twice in a turn) Critical (Multiplies your damage) Counter (Nullfy the enemy’s attack and give you the turn to react) Each player can only pick ONE style to learn; and can raise it up to 40% rate; You must learn a fighting style from a master, and spar with a proper master with a higher rate then yours; keep in mind a master gains slowlier so for a master to reach the 40% he would need to train multiple disciples; Keep in mind with a full fighting style mastery you can defeat people way stronger then you!

Fighting Tactics Now that we have fighting styles, the tactic battle system gets way more dynamic then just training and grinding; Now depending on your actions and tactics during a battle, you can get bonus at critical/combo/counter chances! Be smarter then your enemies; If you hit someone from behind during a fight you get: +3% combo, +5% critical! If your character is 2x more intelligent then your enemy you get: +10% CounterCosmo Explosion Triggers To give the new players the hype, and to also allow players to get some surprise/action during battles, and some saint seiya references, I decided to make the Cosmo Explosion works with triggers; Weak players have higher chance to trigger temporary cosmo explosions; and triggering it early actually increases your future chance (giving you some talents) to do it again later on; But once you reach the status req. you will need to anger/battle trigger your cosmo explosion! So just grinding won’t get you the explosion, you will have to get your ass into some real violent fights! Everyone have a diffrent % chance to trigger their cosmo explosion this reveal temporary a huge amount of hidden power to your character giving him another chance to beat his enemy!
AP changes To make the battles more tactic driven, we decided to allow people to normally stack only ONE action point per turn, so if you miss a chance to attack, this means you will have at the end one attack less in the combat, giving players that uses strategy a huge advantage toward players that doesnt. Also this makes armors like fox to make sense, since fox gets double AP while using their skill.Vampire Lord Now Vampire Lords gets an actual skill that allows them to transform people into vampire; to use it the vampire lord must first knock the enemy down!Grab Skill Finally a grab skill! You can instantly grab a knocked down person; if you try to grab someone standing, it will ask them if they allow. You can learn the grab skill with 50 skill points.New Stone Buildables Yeah the tittle already explains it, some new buildables and some borders, alot of borders, now people can make decent looking roads!Changes at Character Creation Fixed alot of bugs toward the login/character creation, but mainly placed back the automatic Keyboard window appearing when you create your char, this is to help new players to get less confused with the game starting out.Experience Gains To avoid people going to certain place and grinding at certain mobs and get way stronger then everyone else; and with this to avoid people from metagaming going to places (such as hell and atlantis ) just to level up; I changed the way experience is given, you gain way more experience during the fight/spar than when you finish a mob, (finishing mobs still gives alot of exp so you should.) So, fighting a chicken is as good as fighting a demon, as long as you can fight it long enough.
Okay thats it for the v0.2.1-5, now time to talk about whats really good part, the versions:

(v0.2.5-v0.3.0) Saint Seiya references in Combat

Azusa is a game inspired by saint seiya, and to try to pleasure the saint seiya fans I decided to rework the combat effects and make it more similar to the classic anime; First thing:

BLOOD, alot of BLOOD! Saint seiya is a very bloodish anime, and I fount myself wondering “Why theres no blood in Azusa?” So the answer is there, blood everywhere, alot of blood! Thats it? No, theres more:
Battle songs! I don’t know why we didn’t these before, but now you can upload your own song and it will be played during battles, of course these can be toggled muted etc. You can upload a song up to 2mb, I suggest you convert your song to .ogg
Battle Backgrounds It really sounds confusing, but in most classical animes it was very common to see the whole background changing when the character was about to use a special cool technique or do a special discuss; and Saint Seiya isn’t Saint Seiya without battle backgrounds, so I decided to make it a feature to the game, and to be used in epic roleplay situations! There will be some rules on its usage, some simple ones like “Don’t use it without a proper roleplay” Still doesnt know what I mean? Watch this saint seiya video: