Azusa v.1.0.6-8 Time Travel, Interface Remade, New Atlantis, Admining remade and more

Interface Remade This topic started in 1.0.6, sounds trivial but a complete interface rework took alot of time, and, I am sure it was worth it! The final windows to be remade were the character window and the submenus!

While this new interface is more intuitive, its also very familiar and easy for old players as almost every command are organized in the same categories; small changes made toward them and of course a cleaning as removing alot of useless buttons and informations; Like, potential is now gone, there was no real reason to show potential and cosmo in a separated way, they still work the same, but now potential is shown in the same value as your cosmo; 1 potential being 100 cosmo.

The new character window is finally dragable, and resizeable between two diffrent sizes; it was also redesigned to show only usefull information in a easy reading way; and these neat progression bars can be always seen now, they show how far you are from increasing said status! This makes training feels way better, as you can now resize your character window and leave it in a small size by your screen; and, there are those “?” buttons, they will explain what each status do, and the nutrition in each one of them! To know about your fighting styles masteries, you can check through that buttom! And, two closeable buttons to finish the character screens! (can also be opened/closed with the C keyboard buttom) Well, the new interface was designed to be more intuive and familiar to players out of byond, with images/buttons easier to read etc. Hope you guys like it the same way I did! (gosh all the effort put into this must be worth it)Light Effects

Some small trivial detail to make the game more immersive and look better, some maps receives now an extra lighting effects; actually heracles, atlantis and deep forest are the ones with these…. Silly but cool huh?New Architectures
The remaining maps, Deep forest and desert receives its own set of architecture styles:

Neo Atlantis