Game Polishing

Azusa version 4.5 is coming!
This update is all about new players. Wellp, Azusa is a very complex and complicated game and its hard to get in the right directions if you know nothing about the game. So we worked at some polishments and reviewed the idea of tutorials/quests.
Beside that, even the returning players suffered by the lack of caps, when the wipes reached year 1000+, we had alot of multi-generations characters that was almost impossible to catch up.
So knowing that; the two main features in the update is the catch-up system, that works with temporary softcaps, and the overall polishment in the game and quests helping new players to get the needed attraction to the game, untill they reach its most addicting parts…
So lets start explaining the features:
*Hunter System; It was a pain to spawn mobs right? Well, now its not a problem, atleast not at late-game. Previously a new player could easily spawn a bandit leader at forest and get killed. That really sucked so we worked in a hunting system. Everyone starts with 1 hunter level (check your status window) and you increase your hunter level as you hunt, or spend some rpp. Basically while your hunter level is 1-10 you will spawn weak mobs; at 5-20 you will spawn medium mobs, and at 20+ you will spawn strong mobs, the Hunter Level caps at 40; and higher hunter level higher will be your spawning rate.
*Hunter Class: The hunter class comes with the hunting system, Hunters can control their Hunter level; wich is very usefull. If you have a Hunter level 7, and you just want to spawn chickens (maybe a quest?) for example, you can control your hunter level down to 4. This way you will spawn only chickens in a decent rate. Or lets say you already have your hunter level mastered and don’t want to spawn anything dangerous? Set it back to 1 would avoid you from being attacked by strong mobs, or if you want to hunt dangerous mobs for relics or levels? Wellp, everything is easier if you are a hunter.
*Knocked Out States: Finally? Yes. This one comes with the idea of game polishment for new players, now finally humanoid characters will be thrown to the ground when they are knocked out ;D
*New Relics, Armors and Clothes; Wellp, a list of new icons sent by Azusa fans and players, finally were added to the game ;D Like the Archangel Sword? And Shiki Gauntlets? Scars? Bandages? alot of new things to collect ;D
*Removed Blood/Key from Earth; Yes, this one was really needed, so now no dungeon or mob will spawn those relics, however they can still be fount by fighting angels on Heaven; Now we will avoid people easilly metagaming the usage of those relics, and now, the only way to get revived is by a gift of an angel.
*Catch Up/ Stat Caps/Rewards; This is a huge gameplay change, now catching up to the playerbase won’t be a nightmare; The total status cap is set by the admins, usually 200 at the start of a Great War; and once you reach the softcap u wont be able to gain status through training, spar, etc… The only way to progride will be through levels; however some players will be rewarded with a Event Master tag; these players can create events and reward other players (at normal events at pvp) for being great rpers. With a reward you can temporarily train normally and gain past the caps.
*OOC Toggle; Yay finally! you can go to the top of your screen and the menu: Sounds/Chat and toggle your OOC, this way you can stop receiving the spamish red chat when you are in a important RP event!
*Character Window Hotkey: Yay finally again! Now you can open/close your character window by pressing C!
*Optimization: Another roll of optimization will make the game less laggy!
*Friendly Chat: New players were always scared by pop ups; I know we old players are used to them, but we already lost alot of possible players due to those ugly friends. So the new chat system works exactly as before, you press S or Space to talk, but instead of opening a pop up, the game’s input will be marked and as you type the text will go green or red (depending on IC/OOC) and as you press enter the focus will return to the game ( exactly the same as before). So now the chats are prettier; Enjoy!
*RPP Fix: To work with the new caps system the gain on status through RPP were nerfed, but now the Skill Points were removed and fused with RPPs; now to learn skills you just need to use your RPPs and have fun!
*Day/Night: Now we have a very dynamic day/night system, to make the player feel the game’s atmosphere and enviroment, the colors changes smoothly into day/night!
*Clouds: I love this one, You do love this one. Everyone loves clouds. They are there for polishment, yeah, lets feel the vibe!
*Hotbar fix: Finally! Now the skills placed on the hotbar will save!
*New Quests System: Well, now that leveling up is important, quests got back into action! But now beside just giving you rpps, the quests works as a interactive tutorial for new players, the quests now teach the player how to play as he gains status and levels!
*Bug fixes; Another Roll of bug fixes, finally the bread/roasted meat level bug when picking up were fixed, and alot of training bugs were also fixed. Enjoy!
Whew! that was a big list, for the TLDR here is the update log:
Version 4.5 – April 2016 *Hunter System; *Hunter Class; *KO States; *New Relics/Clothes/Armors; *Catch-up System; *OOC Toggle; *Character Window Hotkey; *Optimization; *Friendly Chat; *Blood/Keys removed from Earth; *RPP fix; *Day/Night; *Clouds; *Hotbar fix; *Skill Points Removal; *Quests; *Subscription Window