Azusa Battle Arena Prototype

Azusa Battle Arena
Battle Arena prototype is an Azusa mod, a new gameplay to be originally developed into a secondary game, however, B.A prototype will be introduced inside Azusa as a specific server, taking the place of Azusa PVP.
Azusa B.A gameplay relies in controling teams of 3 characters in arenas, using Azusa chess-like battle systems to develop perfect builds and strategies to raise in Ranked Battles against other players, or going through the story events that happens in the year 0, before the begining of Yeshua’s war, by helping Altair of Judicium to get rid of the reapers that controls Heracles, conspire against the evil Grand Master to declare the start of a new Great War to set free humanity from the claws of Hades!
A gameplay designed to be more strategic and casual then Azusa RP, in Battle Arena you can create 12 heroes, each being captain of their own team of 3 other members, obtain the legendary Golden Armors, and climb to the highest ranks building the perfect teams and strategy! Status are based by the character’s talent build and their level, that are capped at lvl 30. Very easy to reach the max. level and compete in ranked battles to obtain more guardians armors!

Interactive Lobby
The Lobby of our Battle Arena is an interactive multilplayer with RPG aspects, ambientalized in Heracles of Year 0, you will meet friends and interact with NPCs, explore the story mode, commercialize rare items, and of course, challange friends and organize teams!
*Recruit new characters: talk with Amelia or Amare in the temple of Zeus, and have the actual captain atleast lvl 15 (costs 10 coins) *Basic Training: Talk with Altair of Pax in the arena inside the city walls to battle Guardian Trainees, or help the Farmer John in the farms is a great training for new characters, however the last one is limited untill you get too strong. *Manage Team: manage the team of this current captain talking with Milo of Verum in the college inside the city walls, or with Yeshua at the Ghetto. *Ranked Battles: Progress in Ranked Battles by talking with Nero of Pax in the external arena outside of the city. *Obtaining Skill Points: Join Ranked Battles and your current Captain will gain Skill Points. *Learning Skills: Talk with the same NPC that manage teams. *Recovering Broken Bones: Talk with the doctor by the hospital inside the city, this takes 1 hour to recover one character, this costs 1 coin, characters in hospital can’t join battles. *Becoming Guardian: You can obtain guardian armor boxes by winning rank battles, higher rank means higher chance to obtaining a new guardian box, you can tell the element of the armor by the armor box name. You can also obtain guardian boxes by using Armor Diamond Dices, each dice give you a % to roll an armor, this includes golden armor boxes! You can buy Armor Diamond Dices at the shop or by completing story mode. *Friendly fights: Double click a player in the lobby to challange them to a friendly fight. *Change Captains: You can change captains anywhere by opening the team window with hotkey C.
*Getting Money: You can get money by selling items in the market, doing story quests, trading with other players or by participating in Ranked Battles. *Each Captain team have their own Rank tiers.